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New Satellite Internet Provider in Canada
by larry12 10:20AM Friday Nov 14 2003
Telesat to launch satellite-based high-speed broadband service
Nov. 14, 2003. 01:00 AM

Telesat Canada could very well be the most under-appreciated asset within BCE Inc.'s swelled portfolio of companies.

Next April, Ottawa-based Telesat will launch its much-anticipated Anik F2 satellite after more than a year of delay. Once the satellite is fixed in its orbital slot, new Ka-band "spotbeam" technology built into this high-tech bird will be capable of providing two-way, high-speed Internet service to any cottage, outpost, rural residence or underserved community in North America.

This broadband alternative to cable or digital subscriber line, or DSL, service will be commercially available by the end of next year and will be competitively priced for the consumer market, said Paul Bush, vice-president of corporate development at Telesat.

"If you're a direct-to-home (satellite TV) subscriber or live in areas of the country that don't have high-speed Internet access, this becomes an option," Bush said. Consumers should expect to pay $50 to $70 a month for the service, he added.

Millions of Canadians currently do not have access to cable or DSL high-speed services. Using Anik F2, BCE's Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Communications Inc.'s StarChoice will be able to complement existing satellite TV packages with affordable two-way broadband service, opening up new revenue opportunities in what has become a stagnant direct-to-home market.

Similarly, Telesat will deliver high-speed service to U.S. consumers next year through its 20-per-cent stake in Wild Blue, a Colorado service provider.


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L0N 1K0

Bring it on.. Competition is good.

Nice to see that Canada will have two internet providers via satellite to those who can not get a $50/month high speed internet connection. The real question is will they pay for it? I hope BCE has a deep pockets, it has cost the world largest corporation (GM) big $$ and they have figured out that a Residential business model doesn't work, but Bell should know this they subsidize everything they can for the residential market, but are they making money at it? No, 95% of Bell's profits come from the Business model (overly priced, but profitable) and the other 5% from the Residential model.

Only time will tell, my bet is they turn this new proposed service into HDTV, where the money is.
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Re: Bring it on.. Competition is good.

I hope it only means more competition and does not mean that these two lawsuit-happy companies are going to take over the Satellite Internet market like they did with Sat TV.
They already hold a monopoly on Sat TV and with their cronies in the government, try to make criminals out of people, who receive free satellite based signals, or have paid for subscriptions from across the border. Unscrambled signals should be free to receive, just like shortwave or regular TV can be received across borders.

I don't think it is completely out of hand, that there may be a plan to do just the same and eventually declare U.S. based Satellite Internet illegal, once they can provide the service within Canada. It would be one further step for those, who work towards regulating the Internet and to enforce and create more repressive Canadian content and tax laws.
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