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New York City's Plan to Improve Mediocre Broadband
Suite of New Programs Aimed at Shoring up Fiber Availability
by Karl Bode 08:51AM Friday Jun 22 2012
Despite being, well, New York City, the city's broadband fortunes have been taking some major criticism of late for being pathetic. Like so many broadband markets there's a duopoly logjam, with the residential market consisting of Time Warner Cable and a lot of Verizon DSL (FiOS if you can get it). Tech firms looking for ultra-quick enterprise-class have also addressed the lack of options. Hoping to apparently quell these concerns, the Bloomberg administration this week unveiled a new initiative will improve the city's broadband fortunes.

According to Mayor Bloomberg's office, the new project involves a suite of initiatives including ConnectNYC -- a competition to build out fiber services for commercial buildings, a grading program for connectivity in New York City buildings, a crowd-sourced digital map highlighting wired buildings citywide, a streamlined process for broadband build regulations, and a competition to develop mobile applications to help residents access critical services provided by the City and community-based organizations.

Already in play was Verizon's promise to wire the entire city with FiOS by 2014 (something the telco can and will wiggle out of), and a plan to have Time Warner Cable and Cablevision shell out $1.2 million and $600,000 annually to help bring fiber to buildings that need it through 2020. The result should be at least two ISPs per location, though the city's improvements may take a while.

Also, as with government-managed improvements on the federal level, there's really not much being done to help improve competition -- meaning that the problems that plague duopoly markets (like ISPs winking and nodding at one another when it's time for a simultaneous rate hike) won't be changing much.

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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD

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Surprised Mayor Nannypants Bloomberg isn't pushing to ban broadband because it enables people to be lazy.
Romney 2012 - Put an adult in charge.

New York, NY

Re: Heh...

actually bloomberg has been really good at IT issues and initiatives. It's just everything else he messes up

Lakeland, FL

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The NY city peeps constantly get the lowest pricing in the country for FIOS services, I guess that's not good enough for comrade Bode


Brooklyn, NY

Re: Whatever

Except FIOS is available only in like 3 buildings where VZ's execs happen to live.
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Brooklyn, NY

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Wrong target?

a competition to build out fiber services for commercial buildings
Commercial buildings don't need any more competition.
If needed all the tennants/landlord can get enough money to entice companies to wire up buildings.
Residential services are in the shitter! Our apartment complex is being held hostage by Cablevision.
They don't let any other company to come in and there's no FIOS.
In my apartment, due to the line length, I can't get DSL faster than 768kbit.
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New York, NY

Re: Wrong target?

I had a similar problem with DSL, when I spoke to billing, they would tell me that I was too far to get better service. They told me I was exactly at 18000. Which to me made no sense, since chances are it should be a variable, and I had DSL that the tech side would always tell me it tests like if I was way closer. So I called the back line, and ask that they forced the upgrade, and I am at 7mbps - 10mbps at the moment with no problems.



No cajones?

If Verizon agreed to providing FIOS to NYC by 2014 then they should be held accountable. If Time Warner promised to deliver on their services, they should be heed accountable Last I read, Verizon and Time Warner are not bankrupt and insolvent.
NYC is a BIG reflection of one of the biggest issues at hand. City state and Federal concessions to the telcos/service providers and the failure to deliver/adhere to agreements by the telcos/providers. Bloomberg needs to say, either deliver on your agreed to deliverables or face financial penalties. The "courts" need to uphold agreements and not invalidate them just because "someone has been greasing the palms".
I know it's just a pipedream for all this to actually happen but hope springs eternal

New York, NY

Manhattan or the Entire City

This article starts out talking about Manhattan (1/5 of NYC) then of the rest of the city. Some parts of the city have other options like RCN. Isn't most of the residential market mostly covered by Cablevision, and Verizon FIOS at the moment, with a smaller part of Time Warner?


New York, NY

Re: Manhattan or the Entire City

I'm on the LES and it's only Time Warner here. Certain buildings have FIOS but Verizon has no intention of wiring whole blocks. Anyone (and this in not directed at you dudeman456) who thinks Manhattan is the exception to the rule, that it is a broadband paradise is sadly mistaken and the issue has been clearly stated above from fellow NY resident MxxCon. Mayor 1% clearly stated his priorities, helping commercial proprieties. Let them screw the residents. SCREW YOU BLOOMBERG.

Brooklyn, NY
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·Verizon FiOS

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get rid of time warner..

NYC should start taking bids for a company to replace Time Warner! They always lag Verizon and Cablevision on bringing higher broadband speeds and more compeititve pricing..

Time warner is the ONLY wired ISP in the NY metro area flirting with USAGE based billing! For that alone, NYC should think about starting their own MUNI FTTP project!

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI6gZxLn ··· gZxLnwdw

Better off with nothing

This is pathetic. Some many other countries are set with several carriers to the home and the so called "Capital of the World" is divided up amongst carriers like Germany was after WWII. In an election year touting how they are pushing technology to make sure the US does not fall behind. Empty promises.