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New iPhones Don't Support Sprint's TD-LTE Upgrades
by Karl Bode 10:27AM Friday Sep 13 2013
Apple's new 5C and 5S models won't support the 2.5 GHz spectrum Sprint plans to use for the company's TD-LTE network, company executives confirmed this week. While Apple claims the new iPhones support more bands "than any other smartphone in the world" (you can see their full band support here), they don't support Band 41. Sprint's currently using spectrum obtained by Clearwire to deploy TD-LTE on some 5,500 cell towers by year's end, delivering users significantly faster speeds than the 8 Mbps most see now. "We don't control their product roadmap," Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer stated at this week's Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference. "I wish we did."

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