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Nobody Cares That The Weather Channel's Still Missing on DirecTV
by Karl Bode 03:10PM Thursday Apr 03 2014
Normally when companies have retransmission fee standoffs there's a great pressure put on the cable provider to pay up because the broadcaster content that's missing has irreplaceable value to viewers (like say, when "Breaking Bad" was blocked during AMC's feud with Dish). But last January DirecTV took The Weather Channel off the air after The Weather Channel demanded what DirecTV believed was an unreasonable rate hike. Especially for content that increasingly has nothing to do with the weather.

DirecTV ultimately replaced The Weather Channel with WeatherNation and a variety of options that actually show users the weather, as opposed to historical documentaries on cheeses (or whatever it is the Weather Channel does now). The odd thing is that nobody seems to care, and DirecTV has now extended their relationship with WeatherNation for another several years:
“This new multi-year agreement strengthens our relationship with WeatherNation and ensures our customers will have a service that is fully committed to providing all weather related information all the time,” said Dan York, Chief Content Officer for DIRECTV. “The overwhelmingly positive comments we’ve been receiving from customers made the decision to extend our agreement easy and expedient."
The Weather Channel, for its part, doesn't seem too fazed either. The channel continues to name the tiniest of storms in the apparent hopes of creating a nation of weather neurotics, while the website directs users to incredibly-important weather-related fare. Executives over there seem so obsessed with getting more eyeballs and hits by any means necessary, that they've forgotten to care about the core mission, or about the fact that they've driven the brand right into the toilet.

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Concord, NC

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You mean the The Weather Channel is off DirecTV?

They should have renamed it The Global Warming Channel. Thats what it has become. I use apps on my iphone for weather anyway.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD

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reply to totalradio

Re: Back in the day...

said by totalradio:

Seems that everything Comcast touches turns into shit.

Yup ... remember TechTV ?



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reply to Kearnstd
"The internet is what killed twc."

No, it was all those stupid reality shows.