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Number of Netflix Users That Also Have Pay TV Declining
by Karl Bode 04:36PM Monday Jun 09 2014
A new study by Leichtman Research Group finds that nearly half of all U.S. households now subscribe to either Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix streaming or a combination of all three. While Netflix has long insisted that Netflix is complementary to cable and not a direct competitor, Leichtman's latest data shows a shift. 88 percent of Netflix subs had pay TV in 2010, a number that has dropped to 80 percent in 2014.

Some of the assorted findings of the study that detail how streaming video is growing:

• 80% of all Netflix subscribers also subscribe to a pay-TV service -- compared to 85% in 2012, and 88% in 2010

• 48% of all non-subscribers to a pay-TV service get Netflix -- compared to 29% in 2012, and 16% in 2010

• 15% of Netflix subscribers agree that their Netflix subscription is shared with others outside their household

• 47% of households get Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu Plus

• On a daily basis, 31% of adults watch video on non-TV devices (including home computers, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and eReaders), and 58% weekly -- up from 18% daily, and 46% weekly two years ago

• Including connected TV sets, 34% watch any over-the-top video daily, and 61% weekly

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