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Ohio Supremes Uphold 5.5% Satellite Tax
DirecTV, Echostar lawsuit dies with a 5-2 vote
by Karl Bode 03:23PM Thursday Dec 30 2010
Back in 2003, the state of Ohio decided to pass a law that required satellite companies pay a 5.5 percent sales tax, though the law excluded cable operators -- who pay local franchise fees ranging from 2 percent to 5 percent. The state has collected about $44 million a year since imposing the tax, and satellite operators have been fighting the tax every year since. DirecTV and Echostar sued to have the taxes overturned, arguing that the tax amounted to local cable protectionism, since cable operators had local physical presences. The Ohio Supreme Court this week voted 5-2 against Echostar and DirecTV, Justice Terrence O'Donnell declaring the tax "does not favor in-state interests at the expense of out-of-state interests."

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Re: 5.5% is cheap

said by fifty nine:

Wrong as usual. The land is PRIVATELY owned. There is just an easement which lets the Government allow utility companies to use the land to run utilities. The land owner still owns the land.

Depends on where it's located and where the actual property lines are. For poles mounted in the front yard between the sidewalk and street, around here that is almost always owned by the city although the homeowner is required to maintain it.