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Opelika, AL Launches Fiber to the Home Service
by Karl Bode 09:11AM Thursday Oct 17 2013 Tipped by DJ See Profile
Despite best efforts by Charter Communications to scuttle the effort (including telling locals that a coax network is more reliable than fiber to the home), 62 percent of Opelika, Alabama's 27,000 residents voted back in 2010 to build a fiber to the home network after being dissatisfied with the services offered by local incumbents.

This week the $42 million network (funded via revenue warrants and loans) is finally gearing up for operations. The Opelika city council has approved service rates, which are now posted to the Opelika Power website.

In addition to triple play bundles ranging from $100 to $155, the following broadband tiers are being offered:

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•OPS Lite Essential - 10/5: $34.95
•OPS Lite Choice - 30/15: $44.95
•OPS Lite Ultra - 50/25: $64.95
•OPS Lite Speed - 100/50: $99.95
•OPS Lite Speed Plus - 300/300: $249.95
•OPS Lite Speed GIG - 1000/1000: $499.95

The city notes that any of their asymmetrical offerings will be made symmetrical if customers bundle the tier with additional services.

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Tuscaloosa, AL

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reply to iansltx

Re: Actually, these prices are fine

There's also the local factor. While it certainly isn't universally true, many people and businesses in small towns are more oriented toward dealing with local companies. If your brother-in-law works for OPS, and, as long as they offer good service, you're going to be inclined to get service from them because you want him to have a job.

This is something I never really realized until I bought a house and started dealing with contractors and other companies. And, if you consistently give your business to good companies, they'll often help you out from time to time by not billing you for things that they could bill you for. Good luck getting that from Charter or AT&T.



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reply to milnoc

Re: Rates?

It's more likely that they are trying to be realistic and responsible with their tax payer's money.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.