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Our Emergency LTE Network May Need Much More Cash
by Karl Bode 08:17AM Tuesday Jan 21 2014
Our belated attempt to build a nationwide emergency LTE network has already faced criticism due to board members' close ties to wireless carriers; the organizations investigation of itself not exactly eliminating those concerns. Now it appears that FirstNet may also be facing budget problems. Politico notes how the $7 billion doled out to the effort may not be anywhere close to enough to provide uniform connectivity. From the report:
One study by Televate, a firm that services public safety networks, said the current $7 billion funding could deliver a public safety-owned network covering 226 densely populated counties — far from enough to blanket the entire (country). Nationwide service, the report indicated, would cost $5.5 billion to $9.4 billion more to build, depending on how it’s constructed and the extent to which it relies on help from wireless companies.
Ex-Verizon executive and FirstNet General Manager Bill D’Agostino downplays the financing threat to Politico. FirstNet could look toward first responder fees to make up the shortfall, though that could harm the project's efforts to attract users.

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Dontcha just love a boondoggle?

And what do we do with this wonderful network when there is no emergency? Oh, it just sits there doing self-tests. (I guess the highway system has taught the govt. nothing.)

So, you thought the USF was a nightmare... welcome to your new sinkhole.


Richmond, VA


With the Billions they made during the auction they technically haven't built crap yet. I could have also sworn they made more than 7 billion during the auction.

netbus developer
Evanston, IL

Re: So

do you think $7 billiion is enough to actually start something of this scale?
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Granite City, IL

Nearly already built.

Well if they would just activate traffic priority during emergencies they would not need to build an entire network from the ground up nationwide. Now building networks in major population areas makes sense but not covering the entire country with a network that will see little use. Also I have not seen them mention how much this will cost to run long term. That is a ton of maint and power bills not to mention connection costs.

Re: Nearly already built.

said by Jazzemt:

Well if they would just activate traffic priority during emergencies they would not need to build an entire network from the ground up nationwide.

Bingo! The nationwide network already exists and the system is in place for the Emergency/First Responders. This effort is a huge waste of resources.

Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
Why run the emergency traffic at a higher priority during emergencies? If the network is going to be for public safety as they claim- they should have priority access 24/7. But it would make sense to do it that way than to build an entirely new network with the cost of towers, connections, etc.
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Bellingham, WA
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There is not enough capacity available for emergencies.

Three local disasters in the last decade has proven to me that wireless can not be relied on during an emergency. As during all three cellular was useless, SMS was a crap-shoot, the authorities were even on local radio stations begging people to not use their cellular phones to free up the towers so emergency personal could use them.

A wide spread power outage even took down ALL the cellular services. I could not get a Verizon signal nor could I even get a roaming signal. You think the phone companies would have UPS and generators on the cellular towers, think again.

Though all of this my POTS line worked flawlessly.
20+ years 0% outages
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Re: There is not enough capacity available for emergencies.

You say that as if generators are gonna keep working when the whole area is flooded as was in some emergencies. Oh and did you see tons of copper being ripped out on Verizon networks in NYC because they were all done for?

So while POTS for you worked, lots of places lost POTS while Mobile continued to work.

Want to go back to Iowa
Springfield, MA

Just use commercial carriers

Verizon and AT&T already operate LTE networks, just use those.


Re: Just use commercial carriers


DSLR'er from the 56k days.

6g or 8g

Wait for 6g or 8g. HURRY UP 2019!!!