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PC Magazine Ranks Fastest ISPs
FiOS, MidContinent and Charter Take Top 3 Spots
by Karl Bode 09:37AM Monday Oct 01 2012
PC Magazine has again compiled their list of the nation's fastest ISPs, and Verizon FiOS again takes top honors. The test used to face serious criticism from our users for its testing methodology, and now bases most of the results on data provided by Ookla ( Following on the heels of FiOS was MidContinent Communications in second place followed by Charter, who saw significant gains in this years measurements. Notably absent are the telcos, courtesy of un-upgraded DSL markets. AT&T did not even make the top fifteen in the rankings:
Speaking of fiber, what about AT&T? The company did not make the top 15. In fact, the fiber-based AT&T U-verse service got an index of 7.9, putting it at number 22. The hypothetical reason for this: U-verse is not FTTH, but more of a fiber-to-the-neighborhood (or node), so the fiber cable terminates at a junction box before going out via copper DSL lines to actual residences. That slows things on the connection, and is reflected in the tests.
The entire rankings are worth a read, and also break things down by geographic area.

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