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Past talks snarl Hughes-EchoStar
by jstreetman 07:20AM Monday Feb 04 2002


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Crete, IL

Any hardware to help performance?

I was reading a little bit on why the pings are so high. With the distance it takes to travel up to the receiver in space, then back down to their end, wired lines, and then all back up through and down. I can see why pings are high and thats not much you can do. My question is, is there anyway to 'boost' your signal with a amp and help the upload speeds? Get higher upload speeds by sending more data and stronger signal? Or is this limited somewhere else? I would at least like to get the 'advertised' speed of 128k.

Would getting a larger dish with a stronger trasmitter help any? Would I see better downloads and uploads? Anyone familiar with this subject?

I'm going to be getting starband installed on Sunday. Just was wondering so I could play a little with it. If noone knows, thats fine. I'll keep you all posted on the results. I read rumors with purchasing a larger dish with a larger trasmitter you could pull faster speeds up and down. I don't know how true this is. I'll keep everyone posted!

-- Kevin

Jamaica Plain, MA

Re: Any hardware to help performance?

perhaps you should post in our regular forum. i don't see what this has to do with the news story. welcome, btw :]


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Mcallen, TX
Hello Kevin (awildneg)

As Ian (subculured) said it would have been much better if you had posted your questions and comments in the Satellite Forum. You would have gotten much faster results.
Here is a link to the Satellite Forum: »HughesNet Satellite

Anyway, to answer your question, NO you will not get faster upload or download speeds by going to a larger antenna or amplifying the signal in any way. The only thing a larger antenna is going to do is help you out in regards to rain fade.

You might also want to check out the FAQ on the Satellite Forum. Here is a link to it: »Satellite Forum FAQ
One in particular that might interest you would be:
»Satellite Forum FAQ »Why is my upload speed so low on my DirecPC/DirecWAY/ Earthlink 2-Way Although this pertains to Hughes DirecWay system, it might also apply to Starband. I am not sure.

Good luck and we hope to see you posting soon, on the Satellite Forum. You will be welcomed.

Good luck, Don
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Crete, IL
Ya, sorry about that. I couldn't find the post button and was all confused when I got here. I figured most of it out Sorry about that guys.

-- Kevin