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Public Knowledge: Comcast Caps Violate NBC Merger Conditions
Group Urges Regulator to Act on Comcast's 'Unfair Advantage'
by Karl Bode 02:35PM Wednesday Aug 01 2012
As we noted earlier this week, Comcast is moving forward with their plan to charge users usage overages, the company launching a trial of their new 300 GB cap (and $10 per 50 GB overages) in Nashville. Consumer Advocacy group Public Knowledge is taking aim at Comcast, telling the FCC that the cable giant continues to violate the conditions of their merger with NBC by imposing usage caps -- then letting their own content bypass that cap. "Comcast is doing exactly what opponents of its merger with NBC-Universal feared: using its internet business to protect its pay-TV business," the group said in a press statement. "Exempting its own online video services from the data caps that apply to every other online activity creates an unfair advantage."

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