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Qwest Union Workers Reject Offer
20,000 workers in 13 states say thanks but no thanks...
by Karl Bode 08:33AM Wednesday Oct 01 2008 Tipped by viperlmw See Profile
While Qwest spent part of yesterday fighting a building fire in Seattle, the company was also busy fighting with labor unions. According to Bizjournals, the Communications Workers of America have rejected a three-year contract extension that would have increased wages by 9% through 2011, shifted some health care coverage costs onto employees, and increased pension benefits for new retirees. Contract talks between Qwest and CWA began July 8 in Denver, and while strikes were approved, the two sides have been negotiating well past original deadlines. The rejected offer involved some 20,000 workers in 13 states.

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Laguna Hills, CA

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Re: Reject Unions

Uh, ExxonMobil who uses IFC and EMGW workers, same with Chevron. General Electric, Valero, ConocoPhillips, Costco, United Technologies, Northrop-Grumman, Verizon, UPS, AT&T, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed, CAT...Google is your friend.

A LOT of the very profitable manufacturers near the top of the Fortune 500 use union labor, especially heavy manufacturing and aerospace.