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RIAA Wants Jamie-Rasset to Participate in Anti-Piracy Campaign
Infamous File Trader Offered Penalty Reduction...
by Karl Bode 08:40AM Friday Jul 12 2013
Earlier this year the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of the now-infamous Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was forced by the RIAA to pay $222,000 in damages for downloading just 24 songs. The refusal ended an eight year battle between the RIAA (who has since moved on from lawsuits, for now) and Thomas-Rasset, who was the first to stand up to the RIAA in court (albeit poorly).

In a new wrinkle to an old story, Wired points out that the RIAA stated they'd be willing to reduce Thomas-Rasset's penalty if the Native American mother agreed to participate in anti-piracy campaigns. Says the RIAA:
We continue to try to resolve this case in a reasonable way. In the past, for example, we have reached out to Ms. Thomas to settle the case in exchange for a contribution to a local music charity. We have communicated to Ms. Thomas that we would consider a variety of non-monetary settlement options, which is up to her to offer. We think this is a gesture of a good will and we’re doing what we can to resolve this case in a manner that works for everyone.
Given her disdain of the RIAA's past tactics Thomas-Rasset doesn't seem likely to cooperate, and appears to be exploring bankruptcy as her next option in the file sharing saga.

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