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Read Comcast's Proposed NBC Merger Conditions
$10 broadband for low income homes, 400k home expansion
by Karl Bode 10:36AM Monday Dec 27 2010 Tipped by iansltx See Profile
Last week we noted that the Comcast/NBC merger would likely be approved in January, and that the FCC planned to approve the deal with a few modest conditions covering Internet video and the sharing of content with satellite and telcoTV competitors. Comcast, who has been lobbying the government fiercely for approval, has submitted the conditions they'd prefer the government use.In a letter to the FCC, Comcast proposes several (mostly thin, as you'd expect) conditions, including a promise to offer $10 broadband service to households making less than $20k a year, and to expand broadand service to an additional 400,000 homes over the next three years.

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