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Rogers VP attacks online iPhone �rumour mongering�
by Anon94 11:01AM Thursday Jul 10 2008
Full article at: »www.p2pnet.net/story/16341

The Ottawa Citizen has Boynton angrily contesting Net reports of a major rift between Rogers and Apple.

However, �there is no truth to Internet reports that Apple has pared back the number of iPhones coming to Canada,� he says in the story, which goes on >>>

�Despite popular rumour mongering, which is always a popular sport on the Internet, we have more than enough inventory,� said John Boynton, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for Rogers. �In fact, we are getting our inventory plus some.�

Online sites such as Smithereensblog.blogspot.com have been reporting on the relationship between Apple and Rogers, stating that Rogers� cellular data pricing is too high and that Apple is not happy about them. The blog has since retracted most of its story, now referring to it as a �plausible rumour.�