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Rogers gets cheap with FIDO
by Bell_Abused 12:36PM Tuesday Nov 04 2008
How low can you go?

Ask Bell, Rogers and Telus who consistently treat their users as marks to be scammed rather than customers to be respected.

However, the question comes not in further news of the depredations of the major telecom companies, but on today’s relaunch of Fido.

Rogers will also scrap the $7 monthly system access fee on postpaid customers, says the CBC, noting prepaid Rogers and Fido customers are already exempt.

“Industry observers said the company’s move is likely to spell the end of the system access fee, which is thoroughly hated by consumers,” says the story, quoting John Lawford, counsel for the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, as saying:

“It’s the number one complaint about cellphones. People are getting a little more traction with their pushback in a lot of telecom issues now. We just might see the end of it. We’ll see them slowly disappear.”
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[in reference to the 1st link at the top of the page] As I post this (8:42 am Pacific), the page has been viewed 5,773 times and if p2pnet, a small one-man site on Vancouver Island, BC, is drawing this kind of response, its obvious the problem is significant and maybe it’s time for the telcos to pay attention to what their customers rather than their shareholders are demanding.