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Rogers pulls the plug on Hi-Speed surfers
by Optimized 10:01AM Saturday Nov 08 2003
Nov. 8, 2003. 01:00 AM

Wilson Lam had been using Rogers Cable as his Internet service provider. But his service was disconnected this week because he was using it too much.

Though he can't use his Internet service, he has to keep paying his $44.95 monthly fee until Rogers has someone available to pick up its equipment at his home.

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Who the hell do those bastards think they are?

They are just taking advantage of their monopoly.



Re: Who the hell do those bastards think they are?

you right...
I got a excessive warning from them...after 3 years, looks like everyone will get a chance to be on top of that list.
I spent over 1 hour on the phone with Rogers NEW department to handle this excessive issue problem.
I pay for 1.5 mbps download and 192 kbps upload, this is the first time I see those speeds, the government gave $100s million in grants to Bell and Rogers to upgrade their internet service. I final get those speeds now that they have upgraded their network, I cannot get speeds higher then those. So how can I be excessive. I pay for unlimited, oh Rogers definition is, unlimited means you are connected to the internet 24/7. Not unlimited transfers. Some generic warning email, I am 1 percent that is using 2000 percent of the bandwidth, so if you sell 1.5 mbps d/l and 192 kbps u/l to everyone in the neighbourhood, but cannot support that, you should be giving customers their money back. not excessive, it is call lack advertised service.

But it is official now, you might be next to make it to the top of the list, I never got a straight answer, what is excessive, I was told I do 20 times what is normal...How??? I finally get what I pay for now...so this means there were others on top of the list, Rogers, you were winning a ISP battle, by along shot, and your digital TV would have done great, but this is doing to hurt you, if not right now, later. I am sure people would have rather paid more for proper service, but after recent events, there will be some downside to this.

And Sympatico claim they have unlimited transfers, their uploads speeds are much better then Rogers, and cheaper too. Go and check them out, even their satellite TV.

Rogers is going to loose a lot of business and it is their own doing now. They should have upgraded their network with the Governments grants money to handle all their customers internet access, after all it is our tax dollars, Rogers is not a charity, or seems they are registered as a business, instead of their Digital Cable. I saw them put in a thick fibre optical line in my neighbourhood, about 20 feet from my front door, all around the crescent, between the sidewalk and the road. And now they cannot handle the transfers of their customers. Yes, it was for Rogers, I actually went and talked to one of the gentlemen working on it.

I used to talk highly about Rogers service and products, this left a horrible taste in my mouth, and I am sure I am not at the beginning of that lineup to say this or the end.

In case anyone in the Markham area reads this, Bell is available here now, and yes it is cheaper. But call them to make sure, as I have been told by them it is available, they have also upgraded their service, but I have to confirm this, as the sales rep. was not knowledgeable about the product they were selling.

More replies to this post might send out a message to some, and help others. I plan on switching to sympatico if I get enough good information about them.

If anyone working for sympatico reads this, make sure you keep the unlimited transfers and service, and if you can, bring back a sales promotion, I have a funny feeling you will get a lot of customers, the $60 a month for Ultra HSE, but have to sign for 1 year.

In this day and age where the internet becomes a bigger part of the world we all live in, there has to be some positive progress. Canada is one of the best places in the world to live in, but the ISPs, well they know who they are, (there are some great ones out there , that offer better speeds and the same money or cheaper, but not available where I live) should be taking examples from other places in the world, like Sweden. There was one common point that all the experienced and knowledgeable people in the telecommunications industry have said to me "...there is so much dark fibre running here... (in Ontario, Canada, and the World...Dark Fibre is thick fibre optics pipelines that are not being used). So....use them, why make Canada look bad. You have a responsibility being the monopolies here, or historical names in Canadian Industry, whatever...guess I'm done now...

Hopefully Silverman, sorry if I spelled it incorrectly can get some truth and answers from the ISP monopolies, unless there is some agreement to never make the media providers look bad, or get the truth out. If customers and people complain about the service, that means there is a problem with the service, they implemented the food/restaurant health codes, with the pass and fail, do the same for the ISPs. Deliver respectable service and product, or full refund...get a few high end law firms in a line, with real international power, then let all of them play by the same rules in the playground.

I was told one thing, things have to get worse before they get better.

Hope this helps someone out.