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SBC is accused of not complying with wiring rules
by Taoron 12:38PM Monday Feb 17 2003
Three San Diego City Council members have sent a letter to SBC Corp. accusing the telephone company of failing to meet city requirements for moving overhead wires underground.

Council members Toni Atkins, Michael Zucchet and Donna Frye said in a letter to Ignacio De La Torre, SBC area vice president, that the utility has shown "blatant disregard" of the city's ordinance requiring utilities to relocate wires underground.

The council members said they "will proceed with all measures available to ensure compliance on the part of SBC."

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Aggie Dan
Stop... Reverse That.
Frisco, TX

Let me get this straight...

How long were all of these lines above ground? And then they are told to just bury them?

As far as I'm concerned this isn't a service improvement, it is merely cosmetic. As such, this isn't a need as it is a want. If SBC is trying to save money by negotiating for lower costs that costs they don't have to forward onto the consumer. Unlike the power utility that was named which is able to recoup it's losses through a special levy.
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You are right

It is more of a cosmetic change.. I do not think any company would give up a good working cable just to make it cosmetic. Number one it would have to be a new cable, number two, there would be service disruptions.

So it is not a win-win situation, personally myself I would wait till the cable went bad, then switch to the cable sitting in the ground already, then take the poles and the old cable down.

That is just how I do it..
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2 Wire
Damn its Hot

Re: You are right

You are right what business sense does it make to move millions of dollars underground overnight. Is the City going to pay for this or the State. Even better is any CLECs going to burden any of the cost to move them
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