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SWB has competition in Fayetteville, Ark.
by mrdialup8 10:16PM Thursday May 24 2001
I read this in the paper just the other day. New Edge Tech. will be setting up DSL (for business's) in Fayetteville, Ark. This will be giving SWB/SBC some competition. Here is the article, or you can read the article on the papers web site.

Firm unveils broadband Internet access
Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Northwest Arkansas now has second DSL option

By Ethan C. Nobles

The Morning News/NWAonline.net

FAYETTEVILLE -- A company based in Vancouver, Wash., that markets its TransEdge broadband Internet access to small- and medium-sized communities has set its eyes on Northwest Arkansas.

New Edge Networks, which started providing fast Internet access through its digital subscriber line, or DSL, network in 1999, said Tuesday it soon will offer the service in the two-county area.

The expansion of the company into Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and surrounding communities follows a new wave of capital -- $77.5 million -- last month, said Sal Cinquegrani, spokesman for New Edge.

In smaller markets like the ones New Edge targets, there is often less competition because larger players often ignore the smaller cities, Cinquegrani said. But those smaller cities still have a desire for fast Internet access, he said.

"People in smaller communities want and need broadband services more than people in large cities because they're more remote," he added.

To that end, towns where the company sets up generally have populations between 5,000 and 250,000.

New Edge primarily targets business customers and people who work at home, relying on an Internet connection to share information with their employers, Cinquegrani said.

In addition to providing digital Internet access in markets across the nation, New Edge also provides private communication networks for both automated teller machines and businesses.

"This is a company that doesn't have all its eggs in one basket," Cinquegrani said, explaining that New Edge tries to find as many practical uses for its digital network as possible.

As for Internet access rates, Cinquegrani said those vary considerably, based on the needs of the business customers that sign up for the TransEdge service. He added that the service will be available in the majority of towns in Northwest Arkansas.

The company maintains a Web site for its digital Internet service at www.transedge.com.


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i've been on new edge since april ??? why are they just now announcing this? besides, they are still using the SWB CO so all they really offer is higher prices to the same dsl area.