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SamKnows Still Sending Out FCC Testing Routers
Netgear equipment with custom firmware
by Karl Bode 05:05PM Friday Dec 10 2010 Tipped by CableConvert See Profile
As we noted back in April, the FCC has partnered with broadband testing firm SamKnows with the goal of getting more accurate ISP performance data. That process will include giving out routers with customized firmware to the 20,000 or more volunteers that signed up at the Test My ISP website. Several users have written us in this week to note that the testing appears to be continuing. An e-mail (.jpg) being sent out to users acknowledges they've been accepted into the testing program, and that they'll be receiving a Netgear router shortly. The tests should provide the FCC with exhaustive data on real-world connection performance that goes well beyond traditional speed tests.

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Tin foil hats anyone?

Seriously guys don't worry about the lack of privacy because privacy does not exist online. If the Government wants to spy on you they can do that easily. They don't need to have people volunteer for some project and ship custom routers to spy on them. Besides people with something to hide would never sign up for this anyway.
I speak for myself, not my employer.