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San Fran Nixes AT&T U-Verse Environmental Study
As Locals Continue to Fight VRAD Cabinet Placement
by Karl Bode 08:49AM Wednesday Jul 20 2011 Tipped by Paul in SF See Profile
As we noted the other day, San Francisco residents are still battling AT&T over the large VRAD cabinets used by the telco to offer their U-Verse VDSL Service. As in a number of other communities, locals didn't like the fact AT&T planned to plunk down the cabinets in front of their houses with no warning, potentially eroding property values and generally making areas uglier. As this latest negotiation continues, locals had hoped to get approval for an environmental impact study -- but that effort was voted down 6-5 by city supervisors. AT&T is willing to reduce the total number of boxes used from 726 to 495, but they've refused suggestions to bury the boxes underground -- citing significant cost. AT&T has worked with a number of communities on landscaping intended to somewhat hide the four foot tall metal boxes.

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