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Satellite Broadband Pushes for USF Funds
Please Ignore Our Overpriced, Capped, Slow Service
by Karl Bode 01:14PM Monday Apr 25 2011
While AT&T and Verizon busily lobbying the FCC to "reform" the Universal Service Fund by giving them a larger slice of it for broadband deployment -- satellite operators continue to complain they're being left out of the money buffet. HugheNet, ViaSat, WildBlue and Dish have banded together to tell the FCC they're ready to help fill in many of the nation's broadband gaps, and that they're tired of being left out of the conversation.

"[T]here is ... no valid technical reason to exclude satellite broadband providers from participating fully and directly," they noted. Except there is -- given these carriers are consistently the worst rated companies among our users, offering very slow service and very high prices with significant daily usage caps. As such, many users barely consider the services broadband -- which is why they haven't been a serious part of the conversation.

While there have long been promises by these companies that the next generation of satellites will ultimately increase capacity allowing them to increase usage caps -- you'd be hard pressed to find a satellite broadband user who would be willing to hold their breath.

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