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Satellite Broadband's 2006 Boom
by PetDude 11:05AM Wednesday May 02 2007 Tipped by peve See Profile
Fot those that think satellite Internet is going down the tubes in the near future......

The latest edition of NSR's Broadband Satellite Markets report suggests that broadband services via satellite experienced tremendous growth during 2006 and is poised to have a successful future moving forward. The new study said thanks to enterprise and VSAT networks, and single site satellite broadband internet access services, total global revenues will break the $5 billion mark by 2011.

Not only will growth in monthly service fees and sales of customer premise equipment benefit manufacturers and service providers like Hughes and WildBlue, commercial satellite fleet operators around the world are also set to capitalize on the surging market's potential, the research firm said.

According to NSR, nearly 900 36-MHz transponders will be needed to provision the global base of broadband VSAT sites and satellite internet access subscribers by 2011 - almost a 40 percent increase over the number of transponders leased in 2006. With Ku-band capacity playing a dominant role in these markets over the forecast period, the firm's analysts said many companies are seriously looking to commercial Ka-band - and not just WildBlue-1 and Spaceway-3 - for the future.

The NSR study also said that government-sponsored broadband VSAT projects, many in developing countries, will comprise a large part of the net new broadband IP VSAT site installations through 2011. The firm said the Mexican e-Mexico and Enciclomedia projects; expansion of e-government networks in Thailand, Colombia and Brazil; and large rural connectivity and tele-education initiatives in Russia, Turkey, Malaysia and Argentina are all examples of the power of VSATs to bring services to unserved regions of the world.

Other aspects to the blooming market are single site satellite broadband internet access services powering satellite broadband in developed countries. According to NSR, single site satellite broadband netted more than 170,000 new subs globally in 2006 with well over 80 percent of these in the North American market. The report said Australia was the next "most important" single site satellite broadband market last year.