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Satellite Only Web Link in Remote Spots
Homeowner calls his current HughesNet service 'bearable.'
by seagreen 05:23PM Tuesday May 08 2007
May 8, 1:34 PM (ET)

Michael Schuppenhauer, a biotechnology consultant, lives in an idyllic canyon off the Pacific Ocean near Half Moon Bay, Calif. On the other side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, just 40 minutes away, lies the heartland of the Internet: Google's headquarters and Silicon Valley.

Yet the Internet has passed by Schuppenhauer's ranch. It's too far from the local telephone hub for a digital subscriber line, or DSL. There's no cable. Even cell phones don't work, because of the rugged terrain. He could use dial-up, but that's too slow for much of today's Internet; handling large files such as online video is difficult.

Hughes CEO Pradman Kaul said "Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a high quality Internet experience which meets their requirements."

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