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Scientologists Shut Down ISP
ISP shut off over copyright issues
by fatness 09:30AM Friday Mar 22 2002
Dutch ISP Xtended Internet was cut off by its upstream provider after pressure from the Scientologists over a Web site that it hosted. The company says its connection was terminated by Cignal Global Communications after threats of legal action from the Church.

The managing director of Xtended Internet believes this was the first time an ISP has been cut off over copyright issues. "We had to move our entire company to a new backbone provider. It has cost us money and time, but was nothing we could not handle." Xtended Internet is now housed at TeleCity, and intends to continue hosting the web site.

The church of Scientology likewise has tried using a DMCA threat in an attempt to remove large numbers of references to Xenu.net from the Google search directory. Google originally removed the links, eventually pulling a 180 and replacing them. Google and Scientology's long history makes some interesting reading.

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