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Senate Backs Away From Giving You E-mail Privacy Rights
Government Can Continue Warrantless E-mail Snooping
by Karl Bode 09:51AM Thursday Dec 27 2012
As we noted last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee had been working on an update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 that would have strengthened consumer e-mail privacy protections, requiring that the government obtain a warrant before snooping user e-mail or remotely stored data (like cloud storage). It was a surprising direction for a government that has relentless pushed to eliminate all citizen privacy protections, so not too surprisingly the Amendment has been killed without explanation:
Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amendment attached to the Video Privacy Protection Act Amendments Act (which deals with publishing users’ Netflix information on Facebook pages) that would have required federal law enforcement to obtain a warrant before monitoring email or other data stored remotely (i.e., the cloud). The Senate was set to approve the video privacy bill along with the email amendment, which would have applied to a different law, the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act. But then senators decided for reasons unknown to drop the amendment.
Current law allows the government to sift through emails and other cloud data without a warrant provided the data has been stored for 180 days or more. However, with wiretaps installed at most large carriers providing the government user communications in real time, it's believed that those laws are generally laughed at by intelligence services.

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Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON

. . . and humanity goes under the bus again . . .


Yup that one single word sums it up.


Re: . . . and humanity goes under the bus again . . .

said by TwiztedZero:


Yup that one single word sums it up.

Gutless, is another
The Firefox alternative.
»www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonk ··· amonkey/


Re: . . . and humanity goes under the bus again . . .

Corrupt I think is the better term in describing Congress and our government.



Re: . . . and humanity goes under the bus again . . .

said by sandman_1:

Corrupt I think is the better term in describing Congress and our government.

Congress and the senate are not one in the same, proper blame where it's due, kthx.

Tavistock NJ

Other Senators probably finally read the amendments

Leahy added this on as an amendment to something other Senators wanted - letting users share their Netflix info on Facebook - the main reason for the bill in the 1st place. Maybe the other senators finally read what his amendment was for. And it was not what they wanted.
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury.


What did you expect?

NO really, obama is mister hollywood. They want to have a camera up your butt to know when you poo ...so they can monetize toilet paper better ....lol

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

1 recommendation

Re: What did you expect?

Oh, give it a rest. Maybe you should point the finger at the senators and congressmen/women instead of at the President. After all, they're the ones who come up with this crap.



Washington Politics at its Best

What a crock of bovine excrement, attach this to another bill knowing full well it won't pass. The Washington Mafia tramples on the cOnstitution yet again because they are gutless, spineless cretins who would sell their mother for a vote.
Is their any doubt that your elected representatives either are too gutless to do anything to stop this relentless disembowelment of our Constitutional Rights or flat out criminals. They took an oath to protect the Constitution and yet here they are rubber stamping warrant-less search/seizure of private data. Wonder how they would like it if we were given access to THEIR private data? Miserable SOBs should be recalled, disbarred for violation of their legal responsibilities and maybe even jailed for illegal activities-BUT the kangaroo court known as the Supreme Court would make sure no one holding a GOVERNMENT POSITION WOULD ever BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Selden, NY

Re: Washington Politics at its Best

I am all for executions in the public square. Better than HBO specials and would send a message to all politicians that they are ultimately responsible for their deeds. Have to go now, I was invited to a revolution.

De gustibus non est disputandum
Litchfield Park, AZ
·Cox HSI

America's Three Biggest Terrorist Groups

Homeland Security
Department of Justice

My perception is REALITY

Ashburn, VA

Re: America's Three Biggest Terrorist Groups

Don't forget to add ICE to that list. Their jurisdiction into copyright protection under the pretenses of enforcing trademark violations seems way out of bounds.

Be careful though, you might be silenced and imprisoned for stealing the idea of rebellion from the US patriots of the 18th century American Revolution.

Re: America's Three Biggest Terrorist Groups

ICE falls under DHS.

Broomall, PA

Two party system

As long as Americans believe that only two parties exist in this country this only going to get worse with our rights taken away one by one and government being allowed to get deeper in our wallets too. The two parties had their chance for a very long time and created very deep rooted problems in our government and our society. I guess this is the new American dream now. Congratulations Americans way to go!!.

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
·Cox HSI
·Verizon FiOS

Re: Two party system

It isn't the two party system, it's lobbying. We walk into a Congressman's office with a sack of money and a prewritted law, we go to FPMITAP for bribery. "Lobbyists" do it and it's a 'contribution'.

»www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162- ··· ruption/

Outlaw all contributions from anyone who isn't a registered voter.
In a nation of spoiled children, Santa Claus always wins.

Broomall, PA

Re: Two party system

You do have a point there but we got the wrong people in Congress to pass such a law since they are very shallow to realize the problem themselves. I doubt that over half of them even know who their registered voters are.

Douglasville, GA
Business are now considered a person per the surpreme court... Figure that one out. It's not just lobbyist but a business might as well be one

Basement Dweller
said by skeechan:

It isn't the two party system, it's lobbying. We walk into a Congressman's office with a sack of money and a prewritted law, we go to FPMITAP for bribery. "Lobbyists" do it and it's a 'contribution'.

»www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162- ··· ruption/

Outlaw all contributions from anyone who isn't a registered voter.

just like the government or companies take peoples information/emails/pictures and use them(tabloids are a good example) but when someone does the same thing, they are thrown in jail for 30 years.

Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Not News

Anyone who ever assumed their email or call data records were off limits from the government is extremely naive.

I'm as distressed as the next guy over the encroachment of Big Sister, but no law is going to prevent the g-men or any others from doing as they please, nor will daily public lashings of the various carriers for cooperating with the entity that licenses them.

Even those who think they're taking all the necessary steps to be "anonymous" in their everyday travels and communiques, fail to realize that they leave a unique hash pattern of digital detritus that may not name them, but establishes an identity entity than can be tracked. In time, or maybe already, those trying to remain invisible may actually be the most conspicuous.

Bedford, MA
·Verizon FiOS

Did anyone seriously..

think the spooks (aka intelligence services) paid any attention to privacy laws or the constitution? The spooks do whatever they d*** well please. congress is not going to cross the spooks; crossing the spooks is a good way for your family members to disappear.

Binghamton, NY

Re: Did anyone seriously..

said by old_wiz_60:

crossing the spooks is a good way for your family members to disappear.

You've been watching too many bad movies.



Re: Did anyone seriously..

said by Crookshanks:

said by old_wiz_60:

crossing the spooks is a good way for your family members to disappear.

You've been watching too many bad movies.

You just keep on believing that.


Or have there been too just too many lies told to make people believe that they are safe under the wing of the Federal spooks. I would tend to think the worst from the Feds given their deplorable record of adhering to the Constitution rather than the best. That bastion of decency J Edgar Hoover is a prime example of what can and does happen when you "piss of the wrong guys". The Federal edict saying it's legal to assassinate American citizens abroad rather than giving them a trial by their peers is another fine example of your government hard at work to protect the public. In reality, many don't give a damn what the laws say or the oaths they took or any other meaningful expectation of responsibility. They have a "paid" agenda to achieve and will do anything to make it happen and will hide behind "National Security" even if they are exposed.


Operation Condor? Oh wait, thinking of the other thing.


Just ask the family of Vince Foster- He pissed off the wrong people and gollee gee-whiz was so upset about it he committed suicide!

Miami, FL


time for P2P PGP encyption e-mail relay system

Company Man


Bluffdale, Utah

Says it all. Gutless spineless bureaucrats!

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

That didn't take long....

Didn't figure it would stand for long. Power corrupts.

New York, NY

Stank political

I don't need some stupid political to give me "rights" I already have them as an Amercian and can encrypt my emails quite well if necessary.

These pathetic politicals make me sick to my stomach.


Flanders, NJ


Civil war is needed to reform this country into updated standards.

It was great in the past; it hasn't been for a few decades now.

As I keep saying: I don't see myself living here in the future. (Whenever my family is out of this financial crisis; thanks economy crash and no help for the low/middle class)

Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX

Re: Uprising

Nah, we just need to get rid of first-past-the-post.



It is sad about what happened to the 4th amendment.

Citizens have a right to privacy by default. It is only when the citizen allows it or when a court authorizes it through a warrant to be able to break a persons privacy.

It doesn't matter where the information is store and who owns the storage the device. The person has a expectation from the constitution that the information will not be unlawfully used.

If they have to get a warrant to search a persons safety deposit box in a bank then they have to get one to search a persons cloud account. It is really that simple.

If they have to get a warrant to tap or listen in to telecommunication lines then they have get one if they want to read emails as well.


Newburgh, NY


Where? The Party rules by thuggery. Do what you are told, when you are told to do it or you will be beaten down.



Not too surprising

The Senate is heavily composed of former "police dog "frame-up" prosecutors", their only claim to fame, so the result is really only to be expected.

You have not been free for a long time

Wake up people, the same technology that allows society to steal with damn near no effort, is a sword that cuts both ways.

You can take and take and take with ease, and so can't they.

Digital means it is all just data that any machine can look at and take.

I can steal movies, and music, and books and programming and basically do anything the feds can do if I have the skills.

And you are surprised that they can ignore all of our objections and just do what they want to us?

Get real. If you type something nasty into a computer and expose it to the internet, you have just let the whole planet have access to it. Sure they should need permission to get it, but hey, permission to take something is currently not stopping us from taking anything WE want.

I don't mind them looking at my 'stuff' just as long as they don't think they are better than me when I look at their stuff.