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Senior Accidentally Overpays Comcast, Can't Get Money Back
Company Initially Only Offers 8.5 Year Credit
by Karl Bode 08:28AM Friday Sep 07 2012 Tipped by newview See Profile
The Consumerist directs our attention to this story of an 86 year old man who accidentally sent Comcast a $6453 payment because he screwed up the placement of a decimal point for a payment of $64.53. After he contacted Comcast looking to get his money back, Comcast stated that the only thing they could do would be to credit his account -- meaning he'd be paid up until he was 94 years old (assuming he lived that long). As is usually the case it took media involvement for the charges to be reversed, Comcast issuing a full refund once they were contacted by Pensacola CBS affiliate WKRG 5. As the Consumerist notes, if Comcast had been the one to send funds the customer's way, the speed of the pursuit of those funds would likely rattle the windows.

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West Tenness

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Re: Typical

said by newview:

Why does it always take the glare of the media spotlight for Comcast to do the right thing?

why do the right thing if you can get away with doing the wrong thing?