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Shaman King On Fox
by Caliban 09:40AM Saturday May 17 2003
"4Kids Entertainment has announced that it will make the Shaman King anime series part of its Fox Block of Saturday morning kids' programming in the fall of 2003. 4Kids plans to produce 26 episodes of the series, which has reached 64 episodes in Japan."



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That's a pretty quick turnaround! That show just completed a 64-episode run last September on TV Tokyo in Japan!
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Cumberland, MD

Re: Wow!

One more sign of the acceptance of anime in the mainstream. This could lead to some exciting times for anime lovers, perhaps even some home grown studios emulating the Japanese. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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James Tan


Re: Wow

I bet this' one of those animes that have it divided in seasons. Like they will air 24 this year and add some more all leading up to ep #64.

Wouldn't you guys agree




Ah, who knows what they'll do..but Shaman King WILL be a highlight to a ton of anime fans, especially if they've seen the Japanese Fan Subs or have read the Manga in the monthly editions of Shonen Jump.



I'm kinda Aprehensive

Well, Shaman King is my favorite Anime and Manga, thru subbed versions and Viz's Shonen Jump, so I am moderately apprehensive about How bad the 4bakas (Japanese for 'idiot' meaning 4kids) dubbers will butcher a truly great series. Look what they did to YGO! and what Toonami did to Kenshin! I fear that they may soften Faust's entrance and that would not be good. His entrance expresses what it is to be him, you know? I guess I'm kind of one-sided because my favorite characters are Faust and Hao, two of the ones who will be edited the most. Still, there might be a miracle



Re: I'm kinda Aprehensive

Oh, one more thing, I'm also afraid that they will call the character named 'Ren' 'Len' Oh I hope not!