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Six Strikes Firm Flags Game Mods as Copyright Violations
DMCA Warning System Still Rather Borked
by Karl Bode 10:48AM Monday Mar 04 2013
Techdirt directs our attention to the fact that one of the companies behind tracking copyright violations for the new six strikes anti-piracy initiative has been falsely flagging video game mods as copyrighted content. MarkMonitor/Dtecnet are responsible for generating user violation alerts under the new Copyright Alert System (CAS) launched last week. Except as we've seen with other DMCA violation accusations, the firm doesn't seem to have a very good handle on what actually constitutes a violation of copyright. From Mike Masnick at Techdirt:
(The DMCA notice) claimed that he was using MediaFire to host "one of the following files: Downton Abbey, CONTRABAND (2012), GRIMM (2011), House M.D., MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, THE, The Office." The "file" they claimed was one of those TV shows/movies was "Cantha Cartography Made Easy 2009.tpf" which is actually a game mod for Guild Wars. You might possibly be able to argue that ArenaNet, makers of Guild Wars could have a copyright claim (maybe, sorta), but that's not who sent the notice and it's not what they claimed it was.
That doesn't really bode well for a copyright enforcement system that can now result in users being throttled or losing their broadband connections entirely for a day. Supporters of the new Copyright Alert System (CAS) will of course argue that it's still early, even though we've been seeing these kinds of false-positive DMCA screw ups for a long, long time now. On the plus side, you get to pay $35 to protest your innocence while they slowly figure out that the TV show you downloaded was actually a Skyrim mod.

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Guilty until proven innocent, that's the American Way now that Corporations control the country.