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Snowden: 'I Already Won'
by Karl Bode 03:25PM Tuesday Dec 24 2013
The Washington Post is running one of the first extended interviews with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden since he received temporary asylum in Russia back in June. In it, Snowden changes his tune from earlier interviews, and acknowledges his leaks are now resulting in a push for real reform of intelligence gathering practices (though in a conversation with Brazilian media he calls the NSA reform panel's recommendations mostly cosmetic). "I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA," Snowden told the Post. "I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don’t realize it."

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Fort Mill, SC

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Yes Snowden has already won

If his desires were to make the Country, our Senators, Congressmen and the President fully aware of the NSA's enormous data gathering on US Citizens all the above have shown surprise and accepted the need to re-examine the role and limits of such surveillance. He has also exposed the head of the NSA as a man who deliberately lied about the extent of such activities and about the technical abilities of the NSA. That lie was a Felony and he has not been pursued by the Justice Dept by the way. So this also shows that if you are high enough up the ladder you can commit a "crime" and be given a walk....

It has also caused American telecommunications to suddenly become brave enough to stand up to the Gvt and become far more transparent and honest with their customers.

He has also shown that nobody in our elected Gvt was concerned enough to dig into the NSA's activities and proactively examine whether they were possibly breaking our laws and being at odds to our Constitution. "Elected Gvt" effectively gave the NSA 100% free reign and looked the other way. Now that discussion is able to happen, but it needed Snowden to make this discussion even start. This SHOULD have been ongoing and that would have alleviated the need for a Snowden. Our elected members of Gvt should think on this at length and ponder why they were ALL AWOL. Again had our elected representatives been doing the job they were elected to do the NSA's activities may have been more properly administrated.

So in that sense in his mind it is mission accomplished.
Whatever happens to Snowden next is immaterial to the above.

All the above pertains to domestic surveillance. In terms of his revelations re surveillance activities outside of the USA it is mission failed, IMHO. Those revelations have caused more than embarrassment, they hurt his own Country and will cause damage to American Companies offering "cloud" computing services internationally.


Durham, NC
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·Time Warner Cable

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What's with the NSA shills?

Exactly how many of these "Snowden is a traitor!" thread-crappers are taking money from the gubmint? Every damn thread about him is the same. God, you people have some stale ass talking points. Is it just trolling for the sake of getting someone else to slam you and your ignorant, pro-totalitarian agenda? Think about who the real traitors are here. By defending the state rather than defending your fellow man, you've doomed yourself to a blighting, anti-intellectual, anti-human rights hell from which you will never escape. So, why don't you all go cry "traitor!" and wring your hands some more. You're on the wrong side of history and the government doesn't give a shit about your loyalty.

Looking at the bigger picture

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reply to HERO

Re: Hero

And, to take it a step further, they can't even defend the actions of the NSA in their belief that Snowden was wrong; they just hate him because their portfolios took a hit. The '50 terrorist attacks' the domestic spying allegedly stopped dropped to '1 or 2' under oath and recently dropped to NONE. The best response they can come up with is that our government is going to 'disappear him' without the slightest clue of how un-American that idea is... they are perfectly fine with it. 'My big bruddah will fix you!'

When people would trade freedom for stock market stability you really have to wonder if there is anything but greed in their hearts. Repugnant if you ask me.



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What I find truly sad about most of the negative comments here is that here is this citizen who shone the light on an organization,who has not only been committing illegal acts on their citizens for years but others around the World as well.............and instead of crucifying the HYPOCRITICAL AGENCY............you decide that Snowden is at fault?

Wow talk about contented sheep being led to the slaughter............for a nation that is so fanatical about their gun rights,you really should wake up to Big brother.

Pittsburgh, PA

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reply to JasonOD

Re: An American Traitor

I'm sorry liberty and freedom prohibit your profits. May I suggest moving to Saudi Arabia or become a warlord in some african or mid-asian shit hole?

Sherwood, MI

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reply to TrueTraitor



You will get no sympathy from me when the government rounds you up and sends you to the slaughterhouse

Snohomish, WA

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The problem is...

... it's all about him.
He says "I already won."
An actual HERO wouldn't be grinning and thinking of himself, nor would he feel the need to run away from the consequences of his actions.
Just another delusional want to be, now missing the attention.
AND the NSA is probably fairly sure he's fired, even if HE thinks he's still helping.

Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch

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Whatever one thinks of Snowden he did bring the issue of NSA 24/7/365 monitoring to light. Before that anyone trying to discuss the issue was ignored or labelled as a "tin foil hatter".

Now whether the majority of the (ignorant/lazy/stupid) US public do anything about the NSA spying on it's own citizens is another matter. At this point it doesn't look like many care enough to lift a finger.

Ultimately the public will get just what it deserves just as it has throughout history.
Don't feed trolls--it only makes them grow!


Glen Head, NY

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reply to TrueTraitor

Re: An American Traitor

said by TrueTraitor :

said by Justin024:

True American hero.

We will see if he is still crowing "I already Won" when the CIA eventually gets their hands on him.

Which would sort of prove his point. Perhaps they will slip a secret team in to rendition him out or someone will slip him some Polonium-210. Either way, we will be living up to the expectations other countries now have of us. I am often amused at how we condemn other countries for activities we freely engage in.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Irving, TX

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True American hero.