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SoftBank, Sprint in 'Final Stages' of Acquiring T-Mobile
by Karl Bode 09:31AM Thursday Dec 26 2013 Tipped by KrK See Profile
While leaks had already suggested that Sprint would be possibly making an offer for T-Mobile sometime in 2014, additional reports indicate a deal is closer than many expected. According to Reuters, majority Sprint-owner SoftBank is already in the "final stages of talks" with T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom about a possible acquisition offer. SoftBank intends to have Sprint buy the majority of T-Mobile shares in a deal estimated to be worth at least $19 billion. While SoftBank make be eager to complete a deal, regulators may be less enthusiastic about a deal that would eliminate one of four major wireless competitors.

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No thank you

Sprint has been terribly managed for a long time now and any merger using their management would be equally disastrous. Sprint has only had Verizon/AT&T envy, adopting their anti-consumer policies except without the service to back it up.

T-mobile wasn't doing great either until they got the new CEO in Legere who has been kicking ass left, right and center. They got LTE up and running across their footprint faster than everyone else, while Sprint is still lagging far behind despite announcing their plans earlier. And they easily have the best pricing plans outside of MVNOs.



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Re: It will likely be blocked

Yeah, have a hard time seeing the Feds allow this. The Feds will more likely want Dish to acquire Tmobile. Could see Tmob/Sprint merge eventually but only if one is about to go Chapter 11.

Softbank is trying to pre-emptively strike before Dish or someone else goes after Tmob but I don't think they have any lobbying power to make it happen with Feds when ATT couldn't do it.