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Softbank Sprint Deal Not a National Security Threat
Routine Review Completed, Deal Moves Forward
by Karl Bode 02:30PM Wednesday May 29 2013
Back in January the Department of Justice urged the FCC to delay their approval of Softbank's acquisition of Sprint so that the government could conduct a routine review to determine whether the foreign acquisition deal would be a threat to national security. Sprint today announced that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has completed their review of the deal, and found "no unresolved national security issues relating to the transaction." Sprint states that the still believe that the transaction will see regulator approval and completion by the middle of this year, despite Dish efforts to acquire Sprint themselves.

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So what's the general consensus on DSLR regarding Dish vs Softbank? I haven't seen much support for Dish from Sprint users on other forums.
Glendale, AZ

Re: *crickets*

I think Softbank would complete the network vision upgrade and most likely keep unlimited data for the time being. then maybe bring in some new handsets. Also there is a rumor that Son has his own ideas that he will reveal later.
Dish would strangle hold the company in debt. Maybe have a great idea of pushing video over the wireless and even with industry leading spectrum bring the network to a screeching halt.
The debt load alone would most likely cause issues in the future.

Tavistock NJ

Re: *crickets*

Dish ups offer for Clearwire AGAIN!!

Dish Network has upped the ante in its bid to acquire Clearwire, an escalation of its bidding war with Sprint Nextel over the wireless broadband provider.

A week after Sprint boosted its offer to $3.40 a share for the 50 percent of the company it does not currently own, the satellite TV provider countered on Wednesday with an offer of $4.40 per share in cash, a 29 percent premium over Sprint's offer. Dish will officially tender the offer before the Clearwire shareholders meeting on Friday, where a vote on Sprint's offer is planned.

"The Special Committee of Clearwire's board of directors has received Dish Network's offer and will review it to determine the best course of action for the company and its stockholders," the company said in a statement. "The Special Committee has not made any determination to change its recommendation of the current Sprint transaction."

"If you want to anger a conservative lie to him.
If you want to anger a liberal tell him the truth."

Boynton Beach, FL

As expected

The germans have operated T-Mobile USA so naturally Softbank wouldn't be blocked. And Carlos Slim has an MVNO.