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Sonic Offers 1 Gbps For $70
Includes Two Phone Lines and Unlimited Calling
by Karl Bode 09:29AM Wednesday Jun 08 2011
California-based ISP Sonic.net (see our user reviews) not only survived the indie ISP-pocalypse, but they're busily building their own network -- something that's been historically easy to tell a small independent ISP to do, but not so easy to accomplish in an incumbent-dominated climate. After bumping speeds by using bonded ADSL2+, Sonic's now pushing fiber to the home in some markets.

The company is deploying 1 Gbps downstream, 100 Mbps upstream service to about sixty homes in Sonoma County, with plans to offer the service to 640 homes by the end of the year. The price for 1 Gbps? $70 per month, including two phone lines and unlimited long distance calling. Sonic's also offering 100 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream with one phone line for $40.

"The idea is to achieve subscriber density on the copper product, then seamlessly upgrade all customers to fiber -- and faster speeds -- when there are enough Fusion customers in a region, CEO Dane Jasper tells Broadband Reports.

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