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Sony PS4 Won't Restrict Used Game Lending, Sales, or Rentals
Sony Sees Standing Ovation For Not Crippling Consumer Rights
by Karl Bode 09:14AM Tuesday Jun 11 2013
Sony's Playstation 4 press announcement at E3 last night was in stark contrast to Microsoft's recent announcement that their Xbox One would come layered with all manner of DRM to tightly control the sale of games, while (for now) banning outright the rental of them. Microsoft also annoyed users by announcing the Xbox One needed to check in online at least once a day -- or even entirely offline titles simply won't function.

In contrast Sony announced that the Playstation 4 will offer downloadable titles, but Sony will still offer traditional support for the sale, trade and rental of disc-based copies -- the latter of which is great news for companies like RedBox and GameFly. Sony also stated than unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 will not need to check in online with the Sony mothership in order to play offline titles.

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These announcements received a standing ovation and an unprecedented reaction from E3 attendees, suggesting Sony may have just won the opening round of the next-generation console battle.

That success will still however be partially dependent on titles, and Sony announced several exclusives including Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, and Knack.

Unlike Sony's recent introduction of the console, the company also actually showed what the device will look like. It wasn't all roses and sunshine -- Sony did finally follow Microsoft's lead and announce that users will need to pay for a Playstation Plus subscription for $50 a year if they want to enjoy online gaming.

The Playstation 4 is expected to arrive "this holiday season" for $399.

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East Amherst, NY
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reply to GlennAllen

Re: Giving customers what they want

Microshaft is off it's rocker. They just went too far this time, and the populace has spoken.

People HATE DRM and all it's nebulous rules and restrictions, and MSFT is going to pay for this, on top of the $100 difference that Sony painfully learned. Sony is no saint, it baked in Cinavia into it's console, and that's why I dumped my PS3, and will probably skip the PS4 too. So to me console games are dead, PC for me. They are both a$$holes in my opinion. All Sony did was maintain the status quo, nothing really moves the needle. I'm asleep now. I'm sure Sony entertainment will riddle the console w/ media restrictions too, so it's still useless to me. My Roku is looking better every day and it was only $99....

More importantly all these consoles are now x86, so this makes it easier to port the games between the PC/XB/PS4 so these "exclusives" will go the way of the dodo bird too, and then it will be about the ecosystem vs a box

To make up for the $100, Sony charges $50 for PSN, so there's a little revenue stream.

Add to the Windows 8 debacle, heavily subsidizing WP8, Windows RT/ARM--or Windows RT in general and Microsoft is just having a crappy year, but interestingly the market likes it and the stock is up. The market thinks that MSFT can keep on bending over the public and we will keep taking it in the a$$.

1. Next gen console - Skip it. My PC works just fine and I can upgrade my graphics card for $150 now and play most games. Exclusives, what is this a Coach bag. I can care less.
2. Windows 8 - I dont have a touch screen and I run media center. I'll skip this too.
3. Windows RT - I'm not buying it for Office. My employer gives me a laptop, so I dont care. I use my ipad for 90% of my work now and I like it.
4. WP8 - OK decent, but android and apple are better and have the apps. Skip that too.

Sociopaths always win.

Tulsa, OK

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reply to newview

Re: F**K You Microsoft

Microsoft got fucked today.