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Source: Charter Doing Away With Entire Social Media Department
Employees Told to Switch to Phone Support or Leave
by Karl Bode 10:29AM Friday Dec 07 2012
Update: Charter has confirmed they're not only killing off all online social media help, but they're pulling their technicians from our private, direct forum, where countless Broadband Reports readers have gotten additional private assistance above and beyond Charter's traditional (and traditionally very poorly ranked) tech support. A source tells Broadband Reports that Charter will be doing away with the company's entire social media department (offering Twitter, Facebook and online forum support) as part of broader efforts to cut costs.

According to the insider, company executives took social media employees into a conference room last Monday and informed them that they could either migrate to Charter phone support -- or leave the company starting January 1. Both of the departments supposedly being axed currently reside in Charter's Town and Country, Missouri offices.

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"Management is keeping it a secret but that isn't fair to our customers," says the source. "I've seen the good work our guys do in your forums and it's not fair to them either." Charter is one of numerous ISPs who offer direct, private support in our forums, and has done so since 2009.

"These decisions have come down from our new "leadership" team," says the source, referring to the management put in place by former Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge, who became Charter CEO last year. "There is also talk that we will be severely scaling down our corportate level support," the individual tells Broadband Reports.

Neither Charter public relations or the head of their Twitter and social media presence responded to phone calls or e-mailed requests for comment.

The rumored severing of the company's social media support presence is a curious one, given the benefits subscribers have seen from a relatively inexpensive and more human approach to customer support. The use of Twitter to shore up lagging cable customer satisfaction rankings was a popular story over the last several years, with customers enjoying the ability to occasionally plow through the red tape, awful hold music and dysfunction traditionally associated with cable technical support.

Update: Charter's Social Media Manager Eric Ketzer has confirmed the move and gave me this response to my inquiry:
Charter will no longer have a customer care team tasked specifically with resolving matters raised on social media. Other jobs are available for all of us within Charter, so that is great. Over the course of the last several years, Charter has undertaken significant companywide efforts to enhance the service we provide customers. We communicate with thousands of customers each day on the phone and in person, and that’s where we’ll focus our efforts.
Update 2: We've also confirmed that Charter Communications will be pulling their support folk from our Broadband Reports direct forums, where users can get private, one on one help from Charter tech support.

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Superior, WI

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reply to Kearnstd

Re: Not, a smart move, but definately a wall street move.

said by Kearnstd:

Wallstreet and bean counters think in strange ways.

Citigroup is going to fire 11,000 people...

their stock went up 7% on the announcement. Yes that is right, to wallstreet more people on unemployment is good.

Because to wall street, it means less paid out in wages and benefits, and more lining their pockets quicker. Wall street used to think long term, and now they only have short sighted goals, with intentions of making unrealistic profits by any means necessary, including punching their own customers in the face. This move flies in the face of all the progress they have made in the last 2 years, and shows that Tom Rutledge has no idea how to do anything except pay himself more and get his investors more. Tom Rutledge does not give a single fuck about the customer, and we as customers need to show him how displeased we are about the move.


Morro Bay, CA

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This, if true will blow up in their face something fierce. In my recent issues, the guys here, are the singular reason, that it got fixed. Woe be unto charter if they axe these guys, Folks like me, are just going to have to start making repeated complaints to multiple government agencies to get the fire under charter. This to me, is just inviting more problems. Instead of axing them, expand them, give them more staff, they're doing more good than you'd think.

EDIT: I was right a "cost cutting move" its going to cost them much more than they're going to save in the end.