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Source: New Comcast Speeds Arrive For Most in March
Blast and Extreme in March, Performance in May
by Karl Bode 10:35AM Thursday Feb 14 2013
A very reliable source inside Comcast tells me that the new speeds being seen by many of our users in the Northeast should be appearing for the rest of you in March. Last summer an anonymous tipster sent a leaked screenshot of what would ultimately be Comcast's new speed offerings.

The source informs me that those speeds will be finally arriving for many from March to May but with a few tweaks -- like the fact they'll be around $2 higher for most of you than what was suggested in the previous leak. The changes:

• Comcast's Blast tier is going from 25/4 Mbps to 50/10 Mbps this Spring (March, for many of you).

• Comcast's Extreme tier will be going from 50/10 Mbps to 105/20 (Again, likely in March)

• Comcast's Performance tier will be going from 12/2 Mbps to 25/4 Mbps (May 2013)

Users in the Northeast who've already seen the Performance speed increase say they're getting the promised speeds, but without PowerBoost. Powerboost, which provides an extra jolt of speed at the start of a download, used to be a handy way for cable operators to game speed tests and thrill users, but with speeds getting ever faster, its relevance (at least on the downstream side) has lessened.

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