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Spike in 'spyware' accelerates arms race for EarthLink
by MxxCon 10:44PM Monday Feb 24 2003
EarthLink's technical support staff handles a variety of problems: broken networks, corrupted files, coffee spills--and, increasingly over the past few months, bitter complaints from subscribers about "spyware" and "adware."

Those persistent types of programs, frequently operating on computers without owners' knowledge, have spread quickly in the last year, evolving as rapidly as anti-spyware software has been able to find them. EarthLink executives estimate that 40 percent to 50 percent of the Internet service provider's subscribers have running on their machines some kind of advertising or more-malicious program, which often monitors their behavior and sends the data back to the software's parent company.

The level of complaints has risen high enough that EarthLink says it's finally looking for an official spyware-killer to distribute to its angry customers.

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Xm 60's On 6 Freak
Morganton, NC

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Good Idea but.......

That would be a great idea except for one thing: Earthlink will likely tie it into Total Access 2003, and it would not surprise me if the did not make a separate download available at all. There has been so much flap and discontent over the Pop up Blocker and its tie to TA2003, and ELNK's desire to have sub's all use the full program, not just the PUB.
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Doctor Olds
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Re: Good Idea but.......

I agree with you 100% EL should take a clue and un-bundle these mini-apps and make those that have no use for TA2003 other features as happy as those that do need the suite of TA2003 in full. I can't help but feel excluded the way they are forcing "All or Nothing" to meet the needs of many while failing to meet the needs of many more..


Doctor Olds
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Apple... YUM
Cleveland, OH

Re: Good Idea but.......

I completely agree. I tried to install TA2003 with my LAN setup using WinGate's Internet Client software on my system as a means to share the connection and after installing it, it f***ed everything up.

I had to use a Windows Restore Point to get back to the old configuration just so that my LAN connection would work again.

Evil TA2003!