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Sprint, Apple Working on iPhone 4S Speed Issues
Companies Tracking Down Crippling Bug
by Karl Bode 12:40PM Tuesday Oct 25 2011
Last week we noted that more than a few annoyed iPhone 4S customers were clogging the official Sprint forums, complaining that they've been seeing horrible network performance on the Sprint network. Sprint responded to those complaints by insisting that nothing was really wrong, and that this was simply a small subset of customers who were dealing with issues. Publicly Sprint continues to insist this is no big deal, and that the 61 page thread in their forums of people seeing speeds lower than 100 kbps is an aberration. Privately, Sprint is supposedly working with Apple on a fix:
Now it seems that an internal email has been sent to Sprint representatives, informing them that Apple and Sprint are working together on a “confirmed nationwide issue” dealing with the slow data rates many users are experiencing. There was no information about what the cause of the issues are or what the expected resolution date might be. The email did contain a reference to a ‘Service Settings’ update, which sounds like it could be referring to the carrier settings file that contains access point info for the carriers.
The problem does appear to be device specific, since users on other devices in the same markets show no speed impact -- and Sprint has done a fairly good job handling data-hungry unlimited data Android smartphone customers.

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