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Sprint CEO Hesse Contradicts Masayoshi Son on Fixed LTE Plans
by Karl Bode 08:23AM Friday Jun 06 2014
To try and sell regulators on a Sprint takeover of T-Mobile, SoftBank boss and Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son has been insisting that the deal would allow Sprint to join the fixed-LTE broadband space, bringing additional competition to the home broadband market. This strategy appears to be news for Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, who stated this week that offering a fixed LTE service is nowhere on Sprint's horizon. When outlets pointed out the contradictory positions of Son and Hesse, the company's PR department stated:
"Dan was speaking to Sprint's short-term focus--completing our 3G and voice network rip and replace, rolling out our 4G LTE network, launching Sprint Spark, expanding the Framily platform and growing EBITDA--and how they fit with our spectrum and other assets/resources," Sprint spokesman Scott Sloat told FierceWireless. "Masa's remarks have been in the context of his long-term vision."
In other words, like I noted in April, Sprint has its hands full just running a decent LTE network right now, and the promise of significant fixed LTE competition is just regulator bait.

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Waterford, MI

"Decent" LTE Network?

From all I've been seeing on the wireless phone forums, Sprint's LTE network is anything but "decent." True: Some users have trumpeted good data connectivity and speeds, but most of what I've seen has been expressions of disappointment and disgust.

Then again: Maybe I'm out-of-date. Maybe that's changed w/in the last two or three months?


York, PA

Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

It all depends too if this is talking about the Corporate side of sprint or a Authorized sprint network type of scenario. In York,PA we have sprint but its not the Corp Sprint. I don't know the person who owns the area around here but he runs the network and the stores around here and the speeds are fairly decent with 10 mbps down and 5/6 mbps up constantly. So I guess it really depends on who's taking care of the network.

Carlisle, PA

Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

Shentel (www.shentel.com) runs Sprint in Central PA. They are one of the few Sprint "partners" left. I think they also do Sprint in MD, VA, and maybe NC too.

Cleveland, OH

Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

Sprint in NC is Corp. Sprint.

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA
Let me assure you that your post is pretty spot on.

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I'm in a solid Spark area and it is very good. The problem is they are announcing Spark markets when only say 70% of sites are complete. It's only solid if nearly 100% of sites complete, which is the case in my area. Speed is more often 20-40M up to 60. 800Mhz allows calls to work in deep underground garages at home/work that didn't work in past. I stay with Sprint for unlimited, using over 10GB/month. I'd rather have 3-5Mbps unlimited than 100Mbps with cap below 10GB. There are no smartphone apps that need more than a few Mbps.

They'll be in good shape when truly complete but 70% of sites complete per market won't cut it.

Karl Bode
News Guy
I used the word decent with the intent of suggesting they're TRYING to run a decent network, not that they're successfully doing so.


When you actually get a Spark signal sprints network is decent. However I live in a area that has sprint spark and have to say my data service is awful. I get 3g most of the time in the Chicago area. If I get LTE it is one bar. Can't wait for the day I switch to another provider because sprints data network is a joke. Sprint needs to invest in there data network bad or they will be out of business.


Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

Yeah, like I said they need near 100% of sites with Spark, 70% in a market doesn't cut it. Works great when you get it.



Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

I don't think they even have LTE on every tower in Chicago let alone spark. I can't see people dealing with inconsistent service for the long haul. A major city like Chicago should have great coverage and Sprint is unusable in parts of the city. Even T-Mobile has great coverage in Chicago. Never had a issue with them in Chicago, honestly wish I would have stayed with them over Sprint.

Downers Grove, IL

Re: "Decent" LTE Network?

T-Mobile has had fiber to nearly every tower in Chicago for years. Sprint went with wireless backhaul for WiMax. Last I heard they've been favoring that still, rather than pulling fiber. They're taking the cheap route for sure.

They just did the absolute bare minimum to say they have LTE in Chicago. If they start filling the network up again now, they're going to have a bad time.

Sprint (in theory) will have an awesome network. Although now that they're trying to buy T-Mobile, well you can guess. You saw what happened after Nextel. You can come to your own conclusion.

I wouldn't go with Sprint if they paid me for the service. I tried to tough it out for waaaay too long with those jerk faces and the "9 outages in my area".

King P
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Murfreesboro, TN

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To be fair...

Hesse has always looked like he doesn't really know what's going on anyway...especially the last few years.
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Cumming, GA

Re: To be fair...

I'm still surprised he hasn't been let go. After Softbank's aquisition, I expected Sprint's leadership to be dropping like flies within a few months to a year.


And yet he is the most highly paid CEO of all the wireless companies.

Sprint is perpetually 2 years away from greatness. I quit holding my breath and dumped them.

Cleveland, OH
He's been like that since he took over. Someone on his staff would say one thing about the network and what's coming in the months, or what they're working on, and a few weeks later- he has no clue. It's like nobody there talks or he's in the dark- which is probably both with Sprint.

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Boxborough, MA

Re: To be fair...

Rolling out 4G LTE? Wasn't that supposed to be done 2 - 3 years ago? Must be nice to always be catching up and that greatness is around the corner. How can Sprint be that far behind? Did they just not do any LTE upgrades for a good year or 2? Worcester is still mostly 3G.

I live in MA and I get LTE about 30% of the time. Flagship phones are pretty much used only on wireless for me here in MA. 290 and 495 you'll get LTE but even then, it ends after a good 10 min drive. 25$ a month bill is what's keeping me.


Springfield, OR

Re: To be fair...


LTE deployment just started in late 2011 for Verizon and really started in 2012 with the other guys. Obviously LTE was not therefore due to be completed 2-3 years ago.

Sprint apparently started the build out the latest and has the worst LTE and 4G coverage. For example, whereas T Mobile had LTE all throughout 2013 in my area, Sprint just added it in 2014. And T Mobiles coverage always was superior with amazing HSPA fallback while Sprints got pathetic 3G. Finally speeds are 2 times minimum faster or up to 5-10 times faster with T Mobile.
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