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Sprint GPS Glitch Making Poor Guy's Life Hell
Everyone Thinks He Stole Their Phone -- Including Police
by Karl Bode 09:47AM Wednesday Jan 16 2013 Tipped by unoriginal See Profile
A Sprint network glitch is incorrectly directing users to the home of Wayne Dobson in North Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, an unexplained location and GPS data glitch is sending victims of cellphone and tablet theft -- and the police looking for them -- to this poor guy's home at all hours of the day and night.

The problem only appears to be plaguing owners of Sprint phones, who Dobson says he's had no limit of unpleasant run ins with as he has to repeatedly explain to them that he hasn't stolen their devices. As you might expect, the quality of his sleep isn't the greatest:
The problem appears to be limited to some owners of Sprint phones. Company officials said they are researching the problem, which has forced Dobson to sleep near his front door on weekends so he can answer the door quickly at all hours. "It's a hell of a problem," he said. "It would be nice to be able to get a good night's sleep."
Sprint insists they're researching the problem.

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Re: sounds similar

said by EliteData:

to a slightly different situation i have been dealing with since windows 8 was released.
my telephone number is similar to the microsoft activation/help number 1-855-469-9468 in that if the person who calls it does not dial 1 first, i get their phone call if the area code they are dialing from is the same as mine.
it is extremely annoying to get phone calls all hours of the day and night from a variety of people (even kids!) asking for help with their windows installation.
even after explaining to many of them that they are dialing the wrong number, that this is a private residence number and that they should dial 1 first and then the rest of the microsoft number, they still ask me windows related questions as if what i just told them went through a hole in their head.

ask for their credit card number, then sell them tech support. If they are hard to answer, sell them a new computer.
* seek help if having trouble coping
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