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Sprint Gives You A Way Out Of Your Contract
Once again raises and adds new monthly fees...
by Karl Bode 08:46AM Friday Dec 11 2009
After doing the same thing last year and earlier this year, Sprint appears poised to tinker with their wireless user fees early next year. According to a memo obtained by Phonenews, Sprint's "regulatory line charge" will double to forty cents per line. The fee, like most such fees, isn't an official government fee -- but is dressed up to look like one so you get mad at Uncle Sam, not the carrier. It's simply a cost of doing business added below the line, and such fees allow carriers to effectively slowly raise prices on consumers without changing their advertised rates. According to the memo, Sprint will also be adding a new $4.99 fee for Account Spending Limit (ACL) customers. As is usually the case, such changes constitute a significant enough change to your contract that you should be able to cancel service without paying an early termination fee.

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