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Sprint Launches 70 More LTE Markets, Hits 300 Total
by Karl Bode 06:40PM Monday Dec 16 2013
Sprint today announced that the company has launched an additional 70 LTE markets, bringing the company's total LTE market deployment to more than 300 as the year draws to a close. As is usually the case with Sprint, their list of 70 new launches is mostly smaller markets, though San Diego, Green Bay, Orlando and St. Louis are also going live. Sprint this month also announced their "Spark" upgrades for existing markets, where Sprint is combining the company's 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz LTE spectrum to provide what the company promises will be real-world downstream speeds of 50-60 Mbps.

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Lost today

Download's of 50 to 60mbps

If your sitting within 1/4 mile of a tower.

De Pere, WI

Re: Download's of 50 to 60mbps

It been in Green Bay the last few months, and have been very good all over the city. Along with smaller areas around the city. I am very happy with it.

Anon E Muss


Re: Download's of 50 to 60mbps

All that means is virtually no one else is on the network in those areas you are at. People still don't get this. Mobile data is SHARED and each person on a specific tower sector will reduce the speed of everyone else. As Sprint gains new customers and as more current Sprint customers get 4G phones congestion will be more and more of an issue.

Las Vegas, NV

Re: Download's of 50 to 60mbps

said by Anon E Muss :

As Sprint gains new customers and as more current Sprint customers get 4G phones congestion will be more and more of an issue.

Just like it is/was with VZW?

Austin, TX
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SPrint LTE phones have been out for a year and a half now. There are plenty on the network. And now the crop of tri-band phones is coming out, so LTE speeds are probably as low as they're going to get (as all the heavy users move to tri-band phones, unloading the older 1900MHz LTE spectrum).

Brooklyn, NY
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higher speeds, substantially same high price. when fully implemented & the Softbank investment by the Japanese comes calling (as Vodafone did the previous 15 years) You will see Sprint prices mirroring (read: HIGHER) Verizon and AT&T prices. Who cares about a trio-opoly at this rate?!

Tmobile has YET to make any progress on providing better deals after chomping up METRO PCS!!

Keep it coming

Competition is good. Keep those markets coming.
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It's A Great Time Out

San Jose, CA

Still no San Jose, CA???

I wonder why Spring is deploying so slowly
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Alfred, ME
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Re: Still no San Jose, CA???

said by warriors:

I wonder why Spring is deploying so slowly

You can only go as fast as backhaul is installed by the vendor and only as fast as how many work crews there are. With all cell companies doing some sort of rollout the available amount of crews is limited and can take awhile to get more trained, etc.
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said by warriors:

I wonder why Spring is deploying so slowly

I'm sure it'll be here by 3-20-2014


Glen Head, NY

No Official Support on Long Island

Still no official support on Long Island. Sensorly reports spotty LTE activity around the island but no wide coverage. The question is, will my company be switching before Sprint actually lights up full coverage? I have been given approval to go ahead with an RFP for T-Mobile service in the new year so perhaps I will not have to worry about Sprint any longer in 2014. Of course if they manage to grab T-Mobile, I will be very unhappy.
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Hazelwood, MO

St. Louis?

I would like to hear from people in the St. Louis area that actually get decent 4G service from Sprint. If there are actually any out there.

I work downtown and have both a phone and hotspot. Neither get good 4G service.

I live 11 miles north of downtown and get crap service as does my wife and kids.

Bottom line, if this is Sprints 4G, they still suck.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX

So they put up 70 more towers? Big whoop

Sprints lte coverage is a joke in the areas they actually have it. Tried it an Houston and Dallas and was constantly dropping to 1x or evdo that was just as slow as 1x. Their lte wasn't much faster, in the few places it actually did work.

Maple Shade, NJ

South Jersey/Philly

I'm sitting in my family room and I get 10Mbps down and 3 up, I average that in the parts of Philly I work in too. Fast enough for me to stream Slacker and a few other things, can't complain having 3 GS3s unlimited, total of $178/month including taxes. That's using over 10 Gigs/month combined, sometimes more. VZW was offering us less for more.