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Sprint Offering $2.1 Billion For Remainder of Clearwire
As Some Investors Sue to Thwart Deal
by Karl Bode 08:33AM Thursday Dec 13 2012
Reports surfaced earlier this week that Sprint was pushing to acquire the remainder of Clearwire, and now Bloomberg reports the current acquisition offer is around $2.1 billion for the remaining shares. Sprint's acquisition by Japanese carrier SoftBank is expected to fill the company's coffers, allowing them to finally acquire Clearwire and the company's massive spectrum holdings -- something most saw as the inevitable outcome. Minority Clearwire shareholders Mount Kellet Capital Management LP and Crest Financial Limited have sued to stop the deal, urging Clearwire to look for better offers.

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Is Crest financial suing for the Sprint-Softbank deal or the Clearwire deal, or both? The KC biz journal is in the morning links stating this same company is suing against the Softbank deal....
Edit: Nevermind, the KC biz journal titled their story wrong.

Fremont, OH


Sprint is getting buy happy before they even get their deal approved.

The funny part is the US has spectrum ownership laws for outside companies. Would be funny to see the DOJ enforce that on Sprint. And Sprint could have had all of Clear by now, but wait! They decided they wanted to OFFLOAD that entire system.

I say Clear needs to tell Sprint to go screw themselves.