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Sprint Only Carrier to (Briefly) Question NSA Data Collection
by swintec 08:15AM Friday May 16 2014
According to the Washington Post, Sprint was the only telecom carrier to ask the government for their legal rationale to justify the NSA's ever-expanding warrantless wiretapping operations back in 2010, before much of it was revealed by Edward Snowden. While Sprint was different from their fellow carriers in that they at least asked the government for justification (as opposed to saying "how high"?) Sprint's questions didn't last long.
In early 2009, Sprint received an order saying that all customer call records had to be turned over to the government, officials said. In the summer and fall, the company’s executives met several times with Justice Department officials to understand how Section 215, which compelled companies to turn over records relevant to investigations, could be used to mandate the transfer of all call records.

Dissatisfied with their answers, Sussmann, the Sprint attorney, wrote a petition to challenge the order. In late 2009, shortly before the petition was to be filed, Robert S. Litt, the U.S. intelligence community’s top lawyer, pressed officials to provide the legal rationale to Sprint, according to a former administration official.
"The real story here is the almost complete failure of the telecoms to protect their subscribers’ interests," notes the ACLU.

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Fort Worth, TX

Won't stop people...

...from continuing to whole-heatedly gulp down mobile service.

Wakefield, MA

Re: Won't stop people...

sheeple... lots of em in this country not a 1 uses logic to question these clowns



Why now?

So, in 2007 when Sprint installed gigarouters in it's long distance wireline switches for the NSA, without question, why did they decide, 2 years later, to question turning over records when they already had IP data pipes in every LD switch? Maybe Sprints lawyers didn't get the memo.

New York, NY


It must have been because Sprint was stalling due to the difficulties in managing it's own network.

This is odd seeing as Sprint was the go to network for all telecom monitoring, Sprint used to promote the infrastructure it was allowed to build to access all other carrier lines.



I could have sworn I read a report a couple years back stating that Qwest was the only company that had stood up to the NSA.

Soo now Sprint partially had a spine?

Kansas City, MO


Umm the story states.. their lawyer had a spine..


Springfield, OR

gulping down wireless service..

that also is giving us mad cancer, dna damage, and causes illness to birds/bees/other life, among many other illnesses.

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We're killing ourselves with EMF carrying pocket cellular masts and building massive cellular masts all around our homes. Typical house has 10 microwave EMF masts from all the portable wireless devices/household appliances, blasting you and everyone around you 24/7..
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Clinton Township, MI

Re: gulping down wireless service..

Sounds like something from the "X" files.