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Sprint Promises That 2014 Will Be Their Year
by Karl Bode 12:34PM Wednesday Jan 15 2014
While Sprint was acquired by SoftBank last year, it wasn't a landmark year for company performance despite the promise of additional overseas funding. The carrier's "Network Vision" upgrades were delayed, Sprint showed up in last place in most LTE speed and latency tests, and the company spent much of the year playing "me too" in response to T-Mobile price disruption. Still, Sprint executives this week insisted that 2014 "is the year" for Sprint, who'll finish their Network Vision upgrades and deploy their new "Spark" upgrades to roughly 100 million potential customers. "We're still working through some of that," Sprint CTO Stephen Bye says of the company's delayed upgrade plans.

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Springfield, OR

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i believe in sprint, cause they have 200MHz or so total spectrum when totaled up.

they got more capacity than any other carrier, and they have tended to have some of the best deployment or technologies earlier than other carriers, although it didn't always pan out. I mean they were pushing EVDO rev.a before Verizon, and for a time back in 2007/2008 had the fastest 3G available, and they were the only carrier still offering "unlimited" without caps on their addon data cards. then they pushed WiMAX, which was bringing people 10-16Mbps connections 2-3 years before other carriers had any form of 4G. WiMAX deployment sort of stalled and sucked after that, .. but now Sprint is back, cleaned out the Nextel spectrum, has a ton of cash thanks to the purchase by Softbank Corp, and they own all of the spectrum from their Clear acquistion. I say to people, that there's nothing wrong with Sprint, and we should expect good things from their Spark network.

Sprint has the ability to overcome both Verizon and AT&T if they make it. already, Sprint costs $50 bucks less per month on average and offers people more for their money than the big two, and if they push the envolope on Spark, there's no reason Sprint couldn't be king. Sprint also has waay better coverage than T-Mobile at similar price point, .. I cannot even get EDGE "2.5G" data with T-Mobile that is supposed to be available outside of big cities because it's overloaded, where as Sprint has at least 3G or 4G in the same areas (T-Mob has no 3G or 4G outside of large cities, at all).
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