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Sprint Unveils First Attempt at Lower Pricing Under New CEO
by Karl Bode 11:26AM Tuesday Aug 19 2014 Tipped by IPPlanMan See Profile
New Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure insisted last week that better prices would be one of his first priorities, and the company this week has introduced their first attempt at that promise. According to a company announcement, Sprint's new "Sprint Family Share Pack" allows a family to share 20 GB of data, unlimited text and voice for $100 a month under a limited-time promotion.

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"Sprint is offering the best value to data-hungry consumers. Period," Claure said in a statement. "We are doubling the high-speed wireless data because today’s customers rely so much on their smartphones and tablets."

The plan more directly mirrors offerings by AT&T and Verizon. There are caveats, however. To get the lowest pricing you need to be coming over from another carrier (Sprint is now mirroring T-Mobile and giving users $350 to switch), and you'll need to sign up for the plan before the end of September.

The company says it expects to make additional announcements this week regarding new plans for individuals.

"We want customers to think twice before choosing another wireless carrier," insists Sprint's new CEO. Well, customers? Are you thinking twice yet?

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Sprint needs to uncarrier

Sprint is dead last in quality, coverage, data speed etc....

You're not going to win with technology.
You're going to win at not being a jagoff to deal with.
"If something about the human body disgusts you, complain to the manufacturer" - Lenny Bruce
What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.