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Sprint's MVNO Scratch Cooking up Wi-Fi Cell Service for Cable
by Karl Bode 06:28PM Monday Apr 28 2014
To help sell regulators on their acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Comcast has been suggesting that the larger company could start offering an MVNO-like wireless service that heavily relies on the company's growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots. Now Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless has announced they've been talking with cable operators about a wireless phone service that would lean heavily on Wi-Fi. According to Multichannel News, preliminary discussions could evolve into trials sometime this summer:
Scratch Wireless is in “active discussions” with cable operators, and anticipates that pilots could start as soon as this summer, and possibly follow by initial deployments in the fall. "They seem hungry for a solution and a way to compete in the mobile space," Berrey said.
Cable operators several years ago partnered with Verizon Wireless as part of a quadruple-play bundle co-marketing opportunity. However, despite some promises of revolutionary new technologies, that relationship has offered little more than prepaid gift cards if consumers bundle wireless with their triple play. Verizon obviously has a vested interest in those users using as much data as possible so overages are incurred; as a result a voice service that highly utilizes Wi-Fi isn't in their best self interest.

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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Yet another solution is search of a problem...

Given that we're talking less and less, how is it that even need a hybrid WiFi-cellphone product? Especially from Sprint? Or is it a tacit admission of their lack of coverage?

Or is this an ingenious effort to get CableCo to expand their Hotspot (2.0) network further, including Fon-like leveraging of home routers, in order to offset demand for wireless data?

Cleveland, OH

Re: Yet another solution is search of a problem...

WiFi calling would work. And by using Sprint? They are the MSO's partner for all things cellular except for their voice partner now days which is only VZW due to the spectrum deal.

No Fear

New Jersey
Given cable doesnt have a wireless option, i guess cable doesnt even compare.