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Sprint's New Owner SoftBank Wants To Change 'Loser' Mentality
by Karl Bode 04:21PM Friday Mar 07 2014
Sprint's new ownership by SoftBank hasn't born much fruit yet here early on, with Sprint continuing to flounder in most speed, latency and consumer satisfaction studies, while playing second fiddle to T-Mobile's recent bout of aggressive pricing promotions. But SoftBank boss Masayoshi Son has taken aggressive steps to shore up what the Japanese industry titan has declared is a "loser" mentality at the company.

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A Wall Street Journal Report is chock full of relatively funny (if you're not employed at Sprint) criticisms by Son of the way Sprint has historically done business:
For now at least, that leaves Mr. Son to fix what he calls a "loser" mentality at Sprint and complacency at the mobile carrier's headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., a person close to him says. "We need to change Sprint's culture," he told The Wall Street Journal after a news conference last month....In private, SoftBank's CEO has compared Sprint to the feudal lords of pre-modern Japan who wielded absolute power in their territories but little influence elsewhere. "Sprint is a daimyo in Kansas," said Mr. Son, according to one SoftBank official. "That's not enough."
To turn things around, Son is an almost constant presence on the back of Sprint executives, so annoyed with Sprint market, he recently demanded that Sprint executives fire absolutely all of their ad agencies (no more black and white Dan Hesse ads, I guess). He's also bringing over a significant number of SoftBank employees over to the United States to help rebuild the Sprint corporate culture, apparently figuring that he needs a wave of people he can trust before he starts trusting Sprint:
Mr. Son has established a shadow headquarters in San Carlos, Calif., a Silicon Valley city near Apple and Google. Sprint executives fly in each month for several days of meetings, where Mr. Son prods them on everything from the progress of network upgrades to sales figures. Engineers and sales employees are questioned several times a week in videoconferences, according to one Sprint executive. And he is bringing in about 1,000 SoftBank employees from Japan, who will try to help turn around the struggling mobile carrier and develop new services that SoftBank can use back at home.
Son has been relentless in his push to merge T-Mobile with Sprint, but it seems increasingly unlikely regulators are going to let him have his way on that front. It's growing pretty clear that Son is only now just starting to clean executive house, and if you're a Sprint customer looking for serious improvement, you may have another year or so to wait.

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Alfred, ME
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reply to Jim_in_VA

Re: Eastern shore.

said by Jim_in_VA:

it is bullshit...Sprint installed NV on the local tower six months ago .. still no 4G .

How do you know you would get LTE just by having NV installed? Is the tower a GMO (ground mount only) tower? If so, you would not see LTE. As far as i know, very few GMO sites have LTE. GMO sites receive LTE after NV is completed and they go back to revisit these sites.

said by Jim_in_VA:

Sprint is just a incompetent company.

it isnt so much that they are incompetent, but more that people who dont know what they are talking about (your post for example) posting misinformation for others that ends up snow balling.

Does verizon service VA for land line? I wonder how long they have to wait for backhaul from themselves to get up and running?
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Tulsa, OK

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reply to Rakeesh

Re: 1k intl employees?

Interesting that the USA worker is recognized as some of the most productive in the world. I agree, treat people like crap, pay them like crap, and they treat the customers like crap. The problems start at the top, and bad management always blames the worker.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini


Springfield, OR

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reply to TBBroadband
in America I am sure increasing pay would not do anything to improve the situation. I think our entire culture sucks, and it's basically run by fraudsters and mobsters. we have corrupt police, shitty corporate policies, shitty schools, shitty housing and health care system. everything is run by unions (the mobs) or intelligence communities like the NSA, FBI, CIA, DOD, and shit, or other special interests.

our country is fucking crap and cannot be fixed whatever we do, unless we scrap the whole system and begin to reprogram everyone into a new life without the old, hoping our kids aren't so affected..

number one problem for the kids, requires us to end consumerism and corporate advertisement of products, because it's programming our humans to grow up to be juvenile adults who only wish to eat, consume, and make messes of the world, with no respect for anything, no insights, no skills, and nothing worth having at all. they literally fight over money, to control and dominate others, and don't live in peace with anyone. another problem is censorship . .

people anymore live to consume Facebook, YouTube, pornography, text messaging / sexting, and Pizza Hut, and they can't get their minds off owning brands, and being lazy douches that don't seek to drive society for betterment.
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Cleveland, OH

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reply to TBBroadband

Re: eyes wide open, or buyer's remorse?

Uh no. From the beginning he said a turnaround would te a couple years. Associating masayoshi with a "quick buck" shows how little you know.