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Stanford Users Enjoy 150 Mbps Google Fiber
As Pre-Kansas City Trial Expands in California
by Karl Bode 04:34PM Tuesday Aug 23 2011
While Google's planned 1 Gbps fiber deployment in both Kansas Cities (Missouri and Kansas) is still some time away, the company's fiber trial in Stanford is now officially online. Announced in October of last year, the Stanford deployment was intended to reach about 850 subscribers, and was designed to be a trial run for the broader deployment in Kansas City. The Stanford build is being run by Sonic.net, who is now deploying 1 Gbps service under their own Fusion brand in a number of markets. The Stanford build is online, with users getting free service for one year after paying $250 for professional installation or $50 for an install kit (Google has yet to announce the regular monthly rate after the first year). The first speedtests are popping up via Reddit showing at least one user getting 151 Mbps downstream and 91 Mbps upstream. While the service is free for a year, it's netting Google just an endless stream of positive press among communities looking for more than what's being provided by the local monopoly/duopoly.

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