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Suddenlink Revamping Speed Tiers
8 Mbps to 12 Mbps, 12 Mbps to 15 Mbps
by Karl Bode 11:04AM Friday Dec 18 2009 Tipped by iansltx See Profile
The other day we noted that cable provider Suddenlink had doubled the upstream speed of their as-yet-unannounced 20 Mbps tier, from 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps -- an improvement for a DOCSIS 3.0 tier but still well below the technology's maximum capability. On the positive side, this upstream bump is apparently part of a broader effort that will see Suddenlink's speed lineup changed over the next month. While prices and speeds vary slightly depending on where you live (and local competition), many customers at least have a choice of 1.5 Mbps, 8 Mbps and 12 Mbps service. That's changing soon:
Suddenlink spokesman Michael Kelemen said, "Currently customers have a choice of three download speeds - 1.5 megabits, 8 megabits and 12 megabits. The customers who currently subscribe to 8-megabit service will be automatically upgraded to 10 megabits sometime during the week of Jan. 4. Customers who currently subscribe to 12-megabit service will be increased to 15 megs during the same time frame." Upload speeds also will increase.
Of course Suddenlink's also deploying their new High Speed Internet MAX 20.0 service (20/2) for around $60 if you're in an area that sees faster competition from AT&T's U-verse. There's some additional conversation in our Suddenlink forum exploring the variations in speed tiers users see in their local markets.

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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable

Upload speeds

I'm pretty sure that the current tiers are:

10/768 or 12/768 (most places)
12/1 or 20/1 (some places)

Last I checked, any residential tier above 8/512 wasn't available in Big Spring, TX (Midland/Odessa market). Prices weren't bad...$55 for 8/512...considering there's no competition above about a megabit (wireless).

So in markets with 10/768 service the upgrade will probably bring them up to 15 Mbit, with 8M going to 10M. Not quite as drastic as Comcast's ugrades when they launched DOCSIS 3, but still decent.

By the way, the new tiers will be as follows:
1.5/256 (faster on downloads than Comcast, TWC or many others for this tier, comparable to CenturyLink's 1.5 Mbit tier FWIW)
10/1 (same as Insight's 10Mbit tier...not great on uploads but not horrible either)
15/1.5 (most providers offer 15/2 but this is a whole lot better than 768 kbps up)
20/2 (was 20/1...2 Mbps will be the top speed for telco bonded ADSL2+ though U-Verse goes faster both ways when you're close to the VRAD...or will be going this fast once they upgrade their full footprint)

One thing's for sure: once these upgrades go through Suddenlink will no longer be home to the suckiest cable upload speeds in the industry. That's TWC's job in much of their footprint. The speeds still aren't jaw-droppingly amazing, but they're at least decent now.


Bossier City, LA

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Re: Upload speeds

This is my speed now.

Ill post again if my speeds go up.
More upload please!

Deep In The Heart

Pflugerville, TX

Price Discrepancies?

"Of course Suddenlink's also deploying their new High Speed Internet MAX 20.0 service (20/2) for around $60 if you're in an area that sees faster competition from AT&T's U-verse. There's some additional conversation in our Suddenlink forum exploring the variations in speed tiers users see in their local markets."

That's interesting, I called the other day and was told $79.99/mo for 20/2 and when I mentioned that my Uverse internet was much cheaper for 24/3, he did not seem to really care. Maybe just a mis-informed CSR??
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Tornado, WV


On my Suddenlink connection I only have 6/256



Re: :(

If your in a underserved area or they dont feel like people need anything faster then 6/256 you probbly will not get anything else. Since they think its not cost effective and probbly do not care.

Need for Speed
Winterville, NC

Me too!

I hope we get the 20/2 in my market.

Have a new SB6120 waiting to see channel bonding.

As for the change from only being 1mbit upstream, to 2, I think maybe some of our noise over here in the forums might have brought that into being.

Might just be wishful thinking on my part, but maybe..
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Malvern, AR

Re: Me too!

Sweet...cant wait till I get my 10meg
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Phoenix, AZ


How about working on getting people what they CURRENTLY pay for before offering more of what you can't provide!
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New Martinsville, WV

new martinsville, wv area...

i know in our area we are getting the 20 Mbps tier....i know a couple employees who live in town who currently have it
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maybe with "10" I'll see 5

I'm on their "8Mbps" tier now. I've never seen better than 3Mbps... at various times, from various servers, with various speed tests. Maybe with the bump to "10Mbps" I'll see 5Mbps.

These advertised rates from ISPs are getting ridiculous. As long as they can show one customer somewhere sees the advertised rate once in a while they advertise it to everybody.

p.s. thanks also Suddenlink for the DNS redirects and high latency to google servers!

Austin, TX

Re: maybe with "10" I'll see 5

Tried 4.2.2.x servers? Or if you have enough people that are dissatisfied with the service you could start your own DNS server at your place, as long as your dynamic IP lease stays put for awhile.

Alexandria, LA

Speedtest In Alexandria, LA

12 is here in Alexandria,LA

Computer Elite
Burlington, WI
·Time Warner Cable


Suddenlink is the worst cable provider I have had to deal with. Inconsistent speed, line quality issues, constant down time issues. They need to go bankrupt or out of business.
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Lexington, OK

Re: pfft

I cannot agree with you more. I was sick of being charged $50 a month for a 3Mbps service that, in my case, ran at an average of 819Kbps, in the last month I had it.

I got so sick of slow speeds and their lame re-fried excuses on dropped connections I switched to DSL. I was wary of Windstream's DSL, but in the end I wish I had switched sooner. The speed is as advertised and I have yet to have one major issue.

Still wish I could get COX Cable though.